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Sunset at the Bend

Photo By Guy Schmickle
Pro Critique
Many readers have viewed this photograph, and those who have rated it, have rated it highly. We agree. The composition is nearly perfect, including just enough foreground to indicate that the vantage point is from high on a ledge. This gives the necessary perspective and size relationship to the subject. With the sun below the horizon, both the sky and the landscape have exposure values that are similar. In the contest of sunset light the color of the rock is rich and natural.

Lightroom 2 Tip
Take Control With The Adjustment Brush
The Adjustment Brush allows you to paint adjustments directly into the image, providing a high degree of control over where adjustments will take effect. In the Develop module, choose the Adjustment Brush tool from the top-right of the right panel. I then recommend applying an exaggerated adjustment initially—such as a strong increase in the Exposure control—to make it easier to see where you’re applying the adjustment. Paint the effect into the image in the areas you want to effect, using the Brush controls to adjust the size and other settings for the Adjustment Brush. When you’re done defining the area to which you want to apply the adjustment, refine the controls for tonality, color and sharpness to achieve the desired result. You also can use the Erase option for the Adjustment Brush to remove the effect from specific areas as needed, to further refine your targeted adjustment.

3 Comment

  1. Great vantage point and dynamic range. However, even with the edge of the cliff in the foreground, we still don't have a sense of distance or height. Are the cliff walls 200', 500', 2000'?
  2. Hard to believe there is that much light on the rocks with the sun already below the horizan.
  3. Beautiful image. A 3 to 4 stop neutral density filter was obviously used to even the amount of light of the landscape and the sunset sky. Technically, it's a very nice shot.

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