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Each week our editors select outstanding images from the gallery, with tips and critiques from our staff and pro contributors.
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Coastal Scenes

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One of the unique geographical aspects of the United States is that we have oceans making up the border on the east and the west. Our huge coastlines are incredibly diverse with everything from dramatic cliffs and crashing waves to pastoral beaches. Here in the midst of the summer as we collectively turn our attention to vacations and time spent by the water, we put together an Editors Lightbox that looks at a perennial favorite subject, the coastline.

Like many nature subjects, coastal images often look their best when photographed at “magic hour”. The warm light at these times of day help keep the images from being too harsh and washed out. To get the most out of any coastal shot, some enhancement in the computer is going to be beneficial. One of the most successful enhancement is a conversion to black and white which can be accomplished in an application like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2. A one-click conversion can be further enhanced with more extensive adjustments. Another typical enhancement is working with the sky to help get good separation with the water. Lightroom 2 allows you to make these enhancements to a single image then apply the adjustments to a batch of images. It’s fast and easy.