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Garrapata Beach

Photo By Mike Stammberger
Pro Critique
A very dramatic scene along the beautiful Big Sur coast, this shot is slightly over-enhanced. A better time of day might have helped the natural colors and reduced the need for intensifying and making the somewhat overdone color adjustments. We would also like to see this image cropped into more of a panorama composition. The rock in the lower-left corner isn’t helping the shot and the thin sliver of too-blue sky above the cloud can easily be cropped out. The result would be a stronger image that gets at the core of the scene.

Lightroom 2 Tip
Hide Unused Panels
No matter how high the resolution of your monitor display is, there's no sense taking up extra space with controls or information you don’t need at any given moment. For example, in most cases, you probably don't switch between the various modules in Lightroom 2 that frequently, so you can click the upward-pointing arrow at the top-center of the Lightroom 2 window (directly below the menu bar) to hide the top panel. This will collapse the panel to a narrow black bar, and you can hover over that bar to bring the panel back temporarily (it will collapse again when you move your mouse away). If you want to bring it back permanently, click the dotted triangle that has taken the place of the original triangle. This technique works for all four of the panels, so hide or reveal these panels as appropriate for the task you’re performing at any given time. You can also hide or reveal both left and right panels at the same time by pressing Tab, and hide or reveal all four panels at the same time by pressing Shift+Tab.

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