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  • Re: Morning Raga
    Posted on Thursday 30 June, 2016 by Laura Zirino.
    This is much better than those crazy, flaming...
  • Re: At The End Of The Day
    Posted on Wednesday 29 June, 2016 by Paul Smithson Phillips.
    Nice light Daniel.
  • Re: No Regrets
    Posted on Sunday 26 June, 2016 by Seung Won Jung.
    I can feel the man's life...good!
  • Re: Looking Up Thru Antelope Canyon
    Posted on Thursday 23 June, 2016 by Richard Olson.
    Well done!
  • Re: Sunset Lightning
    Posted on Thursday 23 June, 2016 by Seung Won Jung.
    Visible lightening...nice shot...
  • Re: Florida Bay
    Posted on Wednesday 22 June, 2016 by Seung Won Jung.
  • Re: Just A Moment
    Posted on Wednesday 22 June, 2016 by Ronald Espinoza.
    Thank you very much Diane, regards
  • Re: Just A Moment
    Posted on Tuesday 21 June, 2016 by Diane Fleming.
    I like how the edge of the surge looks like...


Photo By Aaron Feinberg
Pro Critique
The North Shore of Oahu is the world’s best-known big surf spot, but northern Pacific storms also pelt the northern shores of the island of Kauai where this image was made. This is the kind of shot that defies the rule about shooting coastlines at magic hour. In this case having the sun high in the sky makes the blue water glow in the crashing wave and it also gives definition to the exploding spray. The use of a polarizer would have helped bring down the background sky would further defined the wave. Polarizers are also ideal tools when photographing water because they cut the glare and let the water color come through.

Lightroom 2 Tip
Use Compare View For Fast Sorting
The Compare view in Lightroom 2 can be very helpful for quickly sorting through your images to identify the best image in a given group. If you want to compare all images currently visible on the Filmstrip, keep only one image selected and then click the Compare view button below the preview area in the Library module. If you want to review only a subset of the images on the Filmstrip, select the range of images you want to compare before clicking the Compare view button. Now the image on the left is the "Select" image, meaning the one you currently think is the best (though initially that may obviously not be the case). The image on the right is the "Candidate" image, meaning the one you need to review to determine if it's better than the Select image. If you like the Candidate image better, you can click the Swap button below the preview to keep the same pair of images displayed but switch them between Select and Candidate. Or you can click the Make Select button to make the Candidate image become the Select image, and replace the Candidate image with the next on the list in the Filmstrip (causing the existing Select image to no longer be displayed). You also can use the left and right arrows to navigate among the available Candidate images. When you've gone through all the images, click Done, and the current Select image will be displayed alone in the preview area.

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  1. If you go to you'll see another shot taken of a great wave from this same location. I have some shots there where the waves created entire tunnels of water. This shot is very special. KaBoom is Great! I like it a lot. Charles
  2. Beautiful shot!

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