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Photo By Aaron Feinberg
Pro Critique
The North Shore of Oahu is the world’s best-known big surf spot, but northern Pacific storms also pelt the northern shores of the island of Kauai where this image was made. This is the kind of shot that defies the rule about shooting coastlines at magic hour. In this case having the sun high in the sky makes the blue water glow in the crashing wave and it also gives definition to the exploding spray. The use of a polarizer would have helped bring down the background sky would further defined the wave. Polarizers are also ideal tools when photographing water because they cut the glare and let the water color come through.

Lightroom 2 Tip
Crop With Angle
In many cases when you need to crop an image, you also need to rotate the image slightly to fix, for example, a crooked horizon. Because the Crop tool in Lightroom 2 is so powerful, if you need to both crop and rotate an image, it's more efficient to start with the rotation using the Angle tool. Start by choosing the Crop tool at the top of the right panel in the Develop module. Then click the "level" icon to the left of the Angle setting. Click and drag along a straight edge in the image (such as the horizon) to define the angle of rotation. When you release the mouse, the image will be cropped based on that rotation so the crop area fits completely within the image. You then can refine the crop by adjusting the sides and corners of the crop box displayed over the image.

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  1. If you go to you'll see another shot taken of a great wave from this same location. I have some shots there where the waves created entire tunnels of water. This shot is very special. KaBoom is Great! I like it a lot. Charles
  2. Beautiful shot!

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