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  • Re: Morning Raga
    Posted on Thursday 30 June, 2016 by Laura Zirino.
    This is much better than those crazy, flaming...
  • Re: At The End Of The Day
    Posted on Wednesday 29 June, 2016 by Paul Smithson Phillips.
    Nice light Daniel.
  • Re: No Regrets
    Posted on Sunday 26 June, 2016 by Seung Won Jung.
    I can feel the man's life...good!
  • Re: Looking Up Thru Antelope Canyon
    Posted on Thursday 23 June, 2016 by Richard Olson.
    Well done!
  • Re: Sunset Lightning
    Posted on Thursday 23 June, 2016 by Seung Won Jung.
    Visible lightening...nice shot...
  • Re: Florida Bay
    Posted on Wednesday 22 June, 2016 by Seung Won Jung.
  • Re: Just A Moment
    Posted on Wednesday 22 June, 2016 by Ronald Espinoza.
    Thank you very much Diane, regards
  • Re: Just A Moment
    Posted on Tuesday 21 June, 2016 by Diane Fleming.
    I like how the edge of the surge looks like...

Solitary Presence

Photo By Mon Corpuz
Pro Critique
This ethereal image shows what using a very long exposure can do at the edge of the sea. By choosing a slow shutter speed all texture is removed from the water and the foreground rock stands as the main feature in the photograph. Notice the rule of thirds composition. Had the rock been positioned more in the center of the frame the shot would be much less interesting. Slightly less overall exposure might have helped the highlights in the sky from being blown out and might also have helped add a little more color saturation.

Lightroom 2 Tip
Take Control With The Adjustment Brush
The Adjustment Brush allows you to paint adjustments directly into the image, providing a high degree of control over where adjustments will take effect. In the Develop module, choose the Adjustment Brush tool from the top-right of the right panel. I then recommend applying an exaggerated adjustment initially—such as a strong increase in the Exposure control—to make it easier to see where you’re applying the adjustment. Paint the effect into the image in the areas you want to effect, using the Brush controls to adjust the size and other settings for the Adjustment Brush. When you’re done defining the area to which you want to apply the adjustment, refine the controls for tonality, color and sharpness to achieve the desired result. You also can use the Erase option for the Adjustment Brush to remove the effect from specific areas as needed, to further refine your targeted adjustment.

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