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Solitary Presence

Photo By Mon Corpuz
Pro Critique
This ethereal image shows what using a very long exposure can do at the edge of the sea. By choosing a slow shutter speed all texture is removed from the water and the foreground rock stands as the main feature in the photograph. Notice the rule of thirds composition. Had the rock been positioned more in the center of the frame the shot would be much less interesting. Slightly less overall exposure might have helped the highlights in the sky from being blown out and might also have helped add a little more color saturation.

Lightroom 2 Tip
Paint Attributes To Multiple Images
The Painter tool makes it easy to apply a variety of attributes to multiple images quickly and easily. In the Library module, choose the Grid view using the button below the preview area. Then click on the Painter tool (the "can of spray paint" icon) to activate this tool. From the pop-up below the grid display of images, choose the attribute you want to apply to a set of images. Then enter or select the desired value to the right of the pop-up. The Painter tool is now armed and ready to use. You can click on an individual image to apply the attribute you specified, or click and drag across multiple images to apply the attribute to all of them. When you're finished, simply click on the circle to the left of the Paint pop-up below the grid of images to put the Painter tool away.

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