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Solitary Presence

Photo By Mon Corpuz
Pro Critique
This ethereal image shows what using a very long exposure can do at the edge of the sea. By choosing a slow shutter speed all texture is removed from the water and the foreground rock stands as the main feature in the photograph. Notice the rule of thirds composition. Had the rock been positioned more in the center of the frame the shot would be much less interesting. Slightly less overall exposure might have helped the highlights in the sky from being blown out and might also have helped add a little more color saturation.

Lightroom 2 Tip
Keyword Upon Download
Especially if you won’t take the time to apply individual keywords to your images later, it can prove very helpful to apply keywords to a group of images when you’re downloading them. When you use the Import feature in Lightroom 2, you’ll find a Keywords field at the bottom-left of the Import Photos dialog box (bottom-center if you turn off the Show Preview check box). Simply enter keywords that apply to all images in the set you’re importing, with each keyword separated by a comma. Those keywords will be added to the images during the import process, adding one more way to quickly find the image you need later.

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