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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Accessories For Max Color

Take full advantage of the vivid hues of autumn with our selection of gear for getting your best colors

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With the coming of autumn, nature photographers collectively turn their lenses to capturing the vivid hues of the season. To get your best, most vivid and colorful images at this time of year, there are a number of accessories to help you out.

The accessory that comes to mind first in any discussion of color enhancement is a filter. In this issue, we have an excellent article on using filters for fall color by Kevin McNeal, so we’ll only touch on filters briefly in this article. To learn more about the filters for fall color and how to use them, please check out McNeal’s article on page 60.

When pondering accessories that’ll help you get your most saturated and vibrant fall colors, you need to think a little bit outside the box. It’s straightforward to talk about enhancing color with a filter, but what’s less obvious is the use of accessories that’ll help your camera to perform up to its maximum color-capturing potential.

White-Balance Devices
To ensure that your camera isn’t cheating you out of some of the color in a scene, doing a proper white balance up front is a good idea. Although some photographers use plain white cards, you’ll get the best white balance using a device made for the task.

The BRNO baLens is available in a variety of diameters to fit on your specific lenses. Prices vary depending upon size. (www.hpmarketingcorp.com)
ExpoDisc Neutral is another device that fits on your lens to allow you to establish the correct white balance. Prices vary depending upon size. (www.expoimaging.net)

Lally Cap

WhiBal G6 On Stand

BRNO baLens


Lally Cap makes a device that fits over any diameter lens to let you set white balance. Estimated Street Price: $29. (www.lallyphotography.com)

WhiBal G6 is a truly neutral gray card that you include in a scene, then use its gray surface in the resulting image to neutralize the color with your image-editing software. Estimated Street Price: $29 (WhiBal G6 Pocket Kit). (www.rawworkflow.com/whibal)

The new SpyderCube from Datacolor is another device that you can use to zero in the white balance with your RAW converter after you shoot. Place the cube in a shot, then use that image to make your RAW adjustments. Then apply the same adjustments to your images that don’t have the cube in it. Estimated Street Price: $54. (spyder.datacolor.com)


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