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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tamrac Walkthroughs

Informative videos on Tamrac's more popular packs and accessories.

Tamrac - Speed Pack
Speed Pack
Tamrac - Fire Strobes
Fire Strobes
Tamrac - Ultra Pro
Ultra Pro
Tamrac - Velocity

Tamrac, producer of specialized camera bags, cases and backpacks, has provided this informative set of videos exploring the capabilities and detailed construction of a few of its more popular lines. Each presents guided walk-throughs from Tamrac personnel on the features and benefits of each series, stepping viewers through the bag from capacity to comfort factor to build.

The presentations on the Speed Pack and Velocity bags, for instance, show how simple it is to access safely stowed gear with these sling-pack styles of bags, which offer the archetypical comfort of a backpack and the added ability of almost immediate access to cameras and gear. A comprehensive tour through the Ultra Pro line gives you a sense of just how much space is available in the model and how easy it is to keep a lot of gear organized. The Ultra Pro line, like many of Tamrac’s other bags, also has been developed to keep up with the changing needs of digital photographers, including a padded area just for laptops, now an essential part of the modern photographer’s toolset. The videos also illustrate how Tamrac’s Modular Accessory System of add-ons effortlessly provide numerous customization possibilities, ideal for bringing along more than just the essentials, including extra lenses, water bottles and even tripods.

Many professional photographers will attest to the high standards of Tamrac. A substantial amount of Tamrac’s product lines are made in the U.S., with military-grade Cordura nylon and ballistic material construction that provides tough abrasion resistance and phenomenal shock absorption. Tamrac items that have been manufactured overseas benefit from the workmanship and high-quality standards that only a U.S.-based workforce with three decades of experience can provide. Wherever they’re produced, all of Tamrac’s bags are made by hand, and Tamrac also will hand repair any defects in its U.S. manufacturing facilities. To see which bags have been produced in the U.S., look for the American flag in Tamrac catalogs.

Tamrac originally was founded by outdoor enthusiasts who also had a particular passion for nature imagery. Now, more than 30 years later, Tamrac’s bags have literally grown to accommodate the needs of a rapidly changing industry. And although the world of photography has changed dramatically, Tamrac has firmly retained its roots in America with headquarters and production facilities located right here in the USA.

Whether planning for a quick trip or an extended expedition, Tamrac’s newest lines of camera bags offer the latest in meticulous design and sturdy construction for the ultimate in comfort and portability, and all of this is really only touching the surface of Tamrac’s modern camera bag designs.

For more information, take a moment to browse through these informative videos. You’re guaranteed to carry away some useful information.


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