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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Accessories That Matter

Tripods, filters and other handy extras for enhancing your photography

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Epson P-7000
All you really need to take photos is a camera, a lens and some film or a memory card. But there are lots of extras that can help make your photography more efficient, fun and creative.

JOBO GIGA Vu extreme
Portable Storage
Portable hard drives and flash-memory storage devices let you download images from your memory cards and reuse the cards for more shooting. These are available in various capacities of up to 2 TB, and are handy when you’re going to be spending days in the field. Some portable hard drives—multimedia storage viewers—incorporate an LCD screen and allow you to play back the stored images.

Western Digital My Passport Studio


LCD Viewing Aids
Even the newest high-tech LCD monitors can be hard to see in bright light, so a device like the Hoodman HoodLoupe (www.hoodmanusa.com) can be very useful. The HoodLoupe 3.0 fits over 3-inch or smaller screens, eliminates glare and brightness, and has a +/-3 diopter for easy focusing, composition and histogram-checking outdoors.

LensCoat Small LensPouch
Lens Covers
Wildlife photographers know that their subjects have sharp eyes and can spot a lens moving from far away. Camouflage lens covers help mask lens movements, and also provide a degree of impact protection for the lens. LensCoat (www.lenscoat.com) offers barrel covers, camouflaged lens hoods, camouflaged covers for tripod legs and flash units, and more.

Magellan Triton

Garmin eTrex

Handheld GPS Units
When you’re shooting in the field, a portable GPS unit lets you know just where you’re taking each shot. With a number of newer D-SLRs, you can even connect the GPS to the camera (via an optional GPS connector) and actually record that data with each image. One such connector is the Blue2CAN (www.redhensystems.com). Used with a compatible Bluetooth GPS receiver, it automatically records the geo-location of every image with the EXIF header of each file. Some solid portable GPS device manufacturers include Garmin (www.garmin.com) and Magellan (www.magellangps.com).


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