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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Accessories That Matter

Tripods, filters and other handy extras for enhancing your photography

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Ewa-Marine U-BXP
Rain Protectors
If you plan on or find yourself unexpectedly shooting in inclement weather, there are a number of devices out there to protect your gear from the elements. These range from plastic covers that slip over the camera and lens with an optical surface for the lens to shoot through, to pliant underwater bags and covers like those from Ewa-Marine (www.rtsphoto.com), Kata (www.bogenimaging.us) and Op/Tech (www.optechusa.com), to hard-core underwater housings.

Kata E-702
Digital cameras live on battery power, so it’s a great idea to take spare, fully charged batteries with you when you head into the field. Most D-SLRs use the manufacturer’s proprietary rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, and you can’t go wrong with those. Lower-priced third-party batteries are available. While camera manufacturers don’t condone their use, many photographers successfully use them.

For digital cameras and flash units that use AA batteries, rechargeable AAs are economical and more ecologically friendly than single-use batteries. If you go the nonrechargeable route, lithium AAs will provide more shots and better cold-weather performance than other types, and also have a longer shelf life. Companies that offer rechargeable batteries also generally offer chargers for them. You can often get a “deal” on a set of rechargeable batteries and a charger. A charger that runs off a car cigarette lighter will allow you to recharge batteries while on the road.

Maha Imedion
Brunton F-Solaris
If you’re going to spend days backpacking in the field, you might want to invest in a solar power unit that will allow you to operate your battery charger out there. The Brunton Solaris units (www.brunton.com) include some easily transportable foldable models.

Battery Tip: When the battery warning comes on with a digital camera, switch to a fresh battery. You always can put the first one back in if you need its last gasps, but you can’t reshoot a decisive moment if the battery dies just as it happens.


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