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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Accessories That Matter

Tripods, filters and other handy extras for enhancing your photography

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Memory Cards
Today’s high-megapixel digital cameras produce huge image files, so you need lots of memory if you wish to record lots of images. You also need fast memory to keep you shooting instead of waiting for the camera buffer to write images to the card. (You’ll want a fast card reader to download the images to your computer, too.) The fastest cards cost more than slower cards, but they’re worth it if you shoot rapid sequences or large RAW files (and your camera is compatible with the card’s capacity and speed).

ATP ProMax

Memory cards come in various capacities, and bigger isn’t always better here. If you use a 32 GB card and lose it (or encounter that rare card failure), you’ve lost all your images. If you use four 8 GB or eight 4 GB cards, you’ll have to change cards more often, but you won’t lose all your images should disaster strike a card.

Hoodman Hoodman RAW Dekin
Optima PNY

Leading memory card manufacturers include ATP (www.atpinc.com), Delkin (www.delkin.com), Hoodman (www.hoodmanusa.com), Kingston (www.kingston.com), Lexar (www.lexar.com), PNY (www.pny.com) and SanDisk (www.sandisk.com).


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