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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Accessories That Matter

Tripods, filters and other handy extras for enhancing your photography

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OP/TECH Classic Straps
If all you have is a camera and lens, all you really need is a good camera strap. The straps that come with cameras are generally adequate, but you can do better. Third-party camera straps can make for more comfortable carrying, which is important when you’re working in the field for hours on end. Neoprene straps from Lowepro (www.lowepro.com), OP/TECH (www.optechusa.com), Tamrac (www.tamrac.com) and others make the camera seem lighter—great for long excursions with the camera around your neck. UPstraps (www.UPstrap.com) are rugged nonslip shoulder (not neck) straps that allow you to wear the camera over your shoulder for easy access.

Lowepro Speedster
White-Balance Devices
Digital cameras automatically adjust white balance, with most allowing you to use white-balance presets or custom white balance to get the color right in each shot. If accurate colors are important, you’ll get the best white balance using a white-balance device. Some good ones are the BRNO baLens (www.hpmarketingcorp.com), ExpoDisc Neutral (www.expoimaging.net) and Lally Cap (www.lallyphotography.com/store), which all fit over the lens and turn the camera into an incident-light color meter. The WhiBal G6 (www.rawworkflow.com/whibal/) is a truly neutral-gray card that you include in a scene and then use its gray surface in the resulting image to neutralize the color with your image-editing software.

ExpoDisk Neutral
BRNO baLens
WhiBal Pocket Cards On Stand


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