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Friday, June 13, 2008

Choosing Inkjet Paper

The Right Inkjet Photo Paper Will Enhance The Look And Longevity Of Your Prints

Choosing Inkjet Papers Choosing Inkjet Papers
Choosing Inkjet Papers  

Although some of these papers use preexisting profiles, others feature paper profiles that can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s Website. These profiles are printer-specivid and deliver greater color and tonal accuracy than those using generic profiles. Be sure to check for these profiles online when you use third-party papers.

There are four key characteristics to consider when choosing a paper for a particular image. These elements make a huge difference in the final look and durability of your photograph.

. Weight reflects a paper’s thickness. A heavier paper is more durable and can withstand greater handling. Many photographers will prefer a heavier weight paper that compares to those used in traditional printing. It’s important to make sure that the thickness of the paper doesn’t exceed the maximum allowable by your printer, however. Top-loading printers that use a straight paper path generally can accept heavier papers than front-loading models, which pass the paper over a roller in the printing process.


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