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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Moto Foto

Trekking far from the pavement is in every nature photographer’s blood. Using a motorcycle to do it can be the perfect “viewfinder.”

This Article Features Photo Zoom

OP/Tech Stabilizer Strap
It’s also popular to mount cameras or camcorders on bikes and helmets. There are many manufacturers that make specialized motorcycle camera and video mounts. We’ve tried some. For video, we ultimately opted for the Stroboframe quick-release bolted to the top of a helmet to—quite simply—hold a compact camcorder with full HD capability. The extra weight is noticeable, but you don’t need the muscles of a Formula 1 driver to deal with it. The Canon VIXIA HF20, for example, offers HD with a 32 GB Flash memory in 12 ounces. The Stroboframe has a snap-in feature that makes it particularly easy to mount and remove the camera with helmet on.

Mark Your Photo Spots
The Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx is a full-featured GPS unit that’s at home mounted on a motorcycle’s handlebars. The 60CSx is waterproof so it won’t short out on you should you run into a little unexpected rain or accidentally drop the bike as you’re crossing a stream. A built-in barometric altimeter lets you know your elevation, and the full-color TFT screen is bright enough to see, day or night. There are preloaded base maps of roads and highways, and you can load other maps as necessary before you head off-road. Estimated Street Price: $285.


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