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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Best Cameras Under $1000

Our guide to the top interchangeable-lens cameras, DSLRs and mirrorless models for your style of outdoor photography that come in below the $1,000 price

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Samsung NX20

What It Is:
The NX20 is Samsung's "mini-DSLR"-style mirrorless camera, with a built-in eye-level electronic viewfinder, built-in Wi-Fi and a 20.3-megapixel APS-C sensor.

Who Is It For?
The NX20 is for the shooter who wants DSLR image quality and versatility in a smaller, yet familiar package. Image quality is very good (per DxOMark.com); we haven't tested this camera.
Special Strengths:
The built-in, eye-level EVF is complemented by a tilting/rotating 3.0-inch AMOLED monitor, providing lots of shooting-angle flexibility. Along with 1080/30p video, the camera has a Multi Motion feature that lets you produce clips at ¼ to 20X normal speed. The camera has a top shutter speed of 1⁄8000 sec., and can shoot at 8 fps (3 fps with AF for each frame). Built-in Wi-Fi lets you transfer images wirelessly to a smartphone (requires Samsung's MobileLink app), operate the camera from your smartphone (requires Samsung's Remote Viewfinder app) and more. Samsung NX mirrorless cameras use NX lenses. Samsung currently offers 12 NX lenses, from a 10mm fisheye and a 12-24mm superwide-angle to an 18-200mm zoom; with the APS-C sensor's 1.5x focal-length factor, this provides framings equivalent to 18-300mm on a 35mm camera (15mm for the full-frame fisheye).


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