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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Essential DSLR Features For Landscapes

Discover sophisticated DSLR modes and functions to free your creative vision in the field

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High Dynamic Range
HDR—high dynamic range—is a technique that combines the best of a bracketed series of exposures into a single image with extremely good detail, all the way from shadows through to the highlights. Whether shooting HDR to subtly expand the dynamic range or to achieve the surreal comic-book HDR look, it’s a useful tool for photographing high-contrast scenes often found in landscape photography. Many cameras allow you to fine-tune the bracketing in 1⁄3- or 1⁄2- stop increments. A few DSLR models now provide HDR capability built into the camera, although at this time in-camera HDR can’t be used with RAW files; it only works with JPEGs. As a built-in feature, it’s very convenient, even with the JPEG-only limitation.

Many DSLRs also have non-HDR features to increase detail in highlights and shadows of high-contrast scenes. Canon offers Auto Lighting Optimizer and Highlight Tone Priority, Nikon has Active D-Lighting, Pentax offers D-Range Setting, and Sony has its Dynamic Range Optimizer (DRO). Try experimenting with these when shooting high-contrast scenes. Be aware that the boost to sensor sensitivity also will boost noise.


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