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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lighten Up! Go Mirrorless!

Mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera systems are a fraction of the size and weight of most DSLRs, and they can produce top-level images. What’s not to love?

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Panasonic accessories include three flash units, a remote shutter, an AC adapter, filters, cases, bags, straps and SD cards. Video accessories include the DMW-MS1 Stereo Microphone and DMW-ZL1 Zoom Lever. There are also wide, tele, macro and fisheye converters.

Pentax offers the optional accessory Viewfinder O-VF1 for the Q, which provides eye-level viewing (it's a glass optical device, not electronic). For the K-01, there are three flash units (including a macro ringlight), off-camera flash adapters, a remote control and a GPS unit.

Samsung offers a GPS unit and two flash units for its NX mirrorless cameras.

Sony mirrorless accessories include a compact stereo microphone, an optical eye-level viewfinder, a portable monitor, remote controller, tripod, an external flash unit and an OLED eye-level electronic viewfinder (NEX-5N and NEX-F3).

Sony LA-EA2 Alpha NEX Camera Mount Adapter

With its first NEX mirrorless cameras, Sony offered an optional adapter (the LA-EA1) that let you use Sony A-mount DSLR lenses and legacy Konica Minolta lenses on NEX cameras, with manual focusing. When the SLT-A65 and SLT-A77 translucent-mirror DSLRs came out, Sony introduced the unique LA-EA2 adapter, which not only lets you use those DSLR lenses on the NEX cameras, but incorporates a phase-detection AF system similar to the one in the A65. So you also get DSLR-quality, phase-detection autofocusing with the DSLR lenses, even continuous AF for action subjects (yes, the A65 system can handle birds in flight!). The LA-EA2 adapter and Alpha lenses add bulk to an NEX system, but also open up a lot of shooting opportunities.


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