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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The DSLRs Of 2009

Despite the slow economy, nature photographers were treated to more than a dozen new high-tech D-SLRs this year. We’ve compiled a selection of the models that you’re sure to want to know more about.

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Olympus E-450
List Price: $699 (with 14-42mm and 40-150mm zooms)
The E-450 is Olympus’ entry-level model, with many of the E-620’s features in an even more compact body at an even lower price. It’s sold as a package, with Digital Zuiko 14-42mm and 40-150mm lenses, providing focal lengths equivalent to 28-300mm on a 35mm camera.

Features include a 10-megapixel Live MOS image sensor, three Art Filters (Pop Art, Soft Focus and Pin Hole) and even wireless off-camera flash capability with accessory FL-50R and FL-36R flash units.

DUST-REDUCTION SYSTEM: The E-450 incorporates the Olympus Super Sonic Wave Filter sensor-dust remover (but not the sensor-shift image stabilization found in higher-end Olympus D-SLRs and the E-P1).
SHADOW ADJUSTMENT TECHNOLOGY: Also found on higher-end Olympus D-SLRs, Shadow Adjustment Technology compensates for extreme contrast. Perfect Shot Preview lets you preview this effect and those of other camera settings.
SIMPLE USE: In Live View mode, the E-450 operates just like a compact digital camera. Compose on the 2.7-inch LCD monitor, and push the button. You also can control everything manually when desired.
STANDOUT FEATURE: A handy and compact package deal—a body and two zooms for under $700.

Olympus E-620
List Price: $699 (with 14-42mm zoom)
This compact, 12.3-megapixel Four Thirds System D-SLR provides quick autofocusing (especially with Olympus Digital Zuiko SWD lenses) and a wide range of features. Introduced in the E-30, the E-620’s six Creative Art Filters make it easy to create special-effects images. The Pop filter creates super-saturated colors, the Soft Focus filter, dreamlike effects, the Grainy Film filter, high-contrast black-and-white, Light Tone, a high-key effect, Pale and Light Color, a pastel effect, and Pin Hole, the effect of peeking through a pinhole.

Despite its small size, the E-620 provides two memory-card slots, one for CompactFlash and one for xD-Picture cards—handy for extra shooting capacity in the field.

SENSOR-SHIFT STABILIZATION: The sensor-shift image-stabilization system effectively counters camera shake and works with any lens—especially helpful when handholding a long lens or shooting in dim light.
VERSATILE MULTIPLE EXPOSURE: You can shoot an image and then superimpose another over it, bring up an already-shot image and superimpose a new image over that, or combine up to three already-shot RAW images in-camera.
SENSOR-DUST REDUCTION: Olympus introduced sensor-dust reduction to the D-SLR with its first, the E-1, back in 2003, and all Olympus D-SLRs have offered it. It’s very effective, and the latest version is present in the E-620. This feature is especially useful to those who change lenses frequently in the field.
STANDOUT FEATURE: The E-620’s 2.7-inch LCD monitor swivels to just about any angle, greatly enhancing the Live View feature.
The E-P1 isn’t an SLR, but it essentially puts the E-620’s features into a much more compact Micro Four Thirds body. List Price: $799.


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