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Shed some light on your digital darkroom with a little help from our experts. We have photo printer reviews and informative articles to help you understand everything from digital camera memory cards and digital imaging software. Start your research now.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Software For B&W Image Control

To get the most out of your black-and-white images, try these software packages

For the annual OP Black-And-White Special issue, it’s fitting that we look at software that will help you take the most control over your black-and-white images.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Your Next Digital Darkroom

Between the large image files today's new D-SLRs generate and the demands of the latest software tools, your old computer is probably starting to show its age. We have some suggestions when it's time for an upgrade.

At the heart of most digital darkrooms is a desktop computer system, and compared to your camera and other related gear, it may be lagging behind. And it’s becoming all the more apparent every time you use your sluggish, half-asleep computer. Opening programs. Opening photos. Rendering changes. Saving them. Everything takes too long. It’s time to get a new computer, but what should it be?

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Notebook Computers In The Wild

Bring your digital darkroom with you on your next photo adventure

Whether you call it a laptop or a notebook, having a computer that can travel along with you has changed the way digital photographers work. In the field, a laptop becomes a portable darkroom, a repository where images can be downloaded and stored and a place where the best shots can be soft-proofed long before returning to the studio. In other words, portable computers have become indispensable.

Monday, August 1, 2005

Seeing The World As Black-And-White

A new breed of inkjet printers is lighting the way for a resurgence in top-quality black-and-white printing from a desktop darkroom

Everything old is new again. After lying dormant for more than a few years, black-and-white photography is growing explosively. Printer manufacturers are putting sizable resources into developing better ink and paper combinations, plus improved software and firmware, to generate black-and-white prints that surpass what was possible in the old wet darkroom. As the latest generation of products comes to market, we’re taking a look at the possibilities.

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