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Monday, August 1, 2005

Seeing The World As Black-And-White

A new breed of inkjet printers is lighting the way for a resurgence in top-quality black-and-white printing from a desktop darkroom

Hewlett-Packard Designjet 90
Great color precision delivers neutral black-and-white prints
By Ibarionex R. Perello

Hewlett-Packard's Vivera inks have done more than deliver improved color and lightfastness. With the HP Designjet 90 printer, the inks produce neutral black-and-white prints that wouldn't seem possible from an inkjet printer.

Designed for professional photography and graphic design work, the HP Designjet 90 has been created with color accuracy as a high priority. When you're producing color-critical photographs or working with pre-press productions, you need precise, consistent color whether it's the first print or the 100th. A built-in color sensor and the Vivera inks make prints that deliver the same color and tonality print after print. This accurate reproduction of color plays a big role in producing quality neutral black-and-white prints.

The six-ink printer uses a special color-layering technology to produce continuous, smooth tones on a wide variety of paper surfaces, from glossy to matte. The control and precision by which the ink is distributed on the paper's surface allows for the retention of details, especially in the shadows and highlights. In addition, prints are resistant to fading for up to 82 years.

HP's Closed Loop Color Calibration (CLCC) and Black Point compensation take the printer beyond simply depositing ink on paper. The CLCC is an advanced tool for ensuring that the color and tones of your original image are accurately reproduced on the page. A built-in scanner reads primary color tiles on the proof to measure variations in color and makes adjustments to the printer's output. The printer's advanced algorithms provide the means for the inks to be delivered in a wide variety of layer combinations for high-quality photographic prints.

The Black Point instantly calculates new black points for each printing and adapts the black point from the image file's initial color profile. It combines both the source and destination profiles to help maintain shadow detail. It also delivers cleaner blacks with reduced color shifting, helping to produce more neutral prints.

Capable of creating prints on precut sheets of up to 18x24 inches, the printer also can output panoramic prints as long as 64 inches. Supporting a resolution of up to 2400 x 1200 dpi, it delivers the Vivera inks in droplets as small as four picoliters.

The HP Designjet 90 promises to be a printer that, whether printing big or small, will offer pro-level color accuracy and high-quality black-and-white at an affordable price. Estimated Street Price: $995.

Contact: Hewlett-Packard, (800) 752-0900, www.hp.com.


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