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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi

This Digital Rebel has a high-res image sensor, anti-dust technology and a host of new features

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTiThe Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi offers more resolution, a larger LCD with a wider viewing angle and a built-in self-cleaning sensor, making it one of the most affordable and feature-loaded digital SLRs available.

1) With 10.1 megapixels, the Rebel XTi easily produces enlargements of at least 13x19 inches and larger. We like the higher resolution because it allows pictures to easily maintain high image quality while being cropped.

2) LCDs are now as important as the workings inside the body. Canon increased the XTi's LCD to 2.5 inches and the viewing angle to 160 degrees, making it easy to review a digital image and navigate the new and improved menu system. This is a big plus to those of us with less than eagle-eye vision. To conserve battery power, the camera includes a Display Sensor Off feature, which automatically turns off the display when you bring the camera to your eye.

3) A startup time of just 0.2 seconds eliminates the problem of missing the shot while waiting for the camera to "warm up." At a firing rate of 3 fps up to 27 frames (JPEG), the XTi is capable of capturing the fleet-footed moments in our lives, whether photographing sports or wildlife.

4) Dust and debris can ruin the experience of making an image due to the time needed in front of the computer trying to remove all those specks from the photo. The Canon EOS Integrated Cleaning System promises to eliminate this problem by using high-frequency vibrations to shake off particles from the sensor assembly. The Anti-Static technology on the anti-alias filter also helps repel dust.

5) With the number of AF sensors increasing from seven to nine, the XTi makes it easier to handle off-center compositions or when photographing elusive subjects. The larger AF target area increases the chance that images will be sharp, especially when tracking fast-moving wildlife.


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