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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nikon 1 V1 & J1

Nikon enters the mirrorless marketplace with two new cameras and a new format

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Optional GPS And Accessory Flash
The V1 will accept Nikon's GP-N100 GPS unit, which automatically geotags images as you shoot them, especially handy for photography in the field. The optional Nikon 1 Speedlight SB-N5 for the V1 tilts and rotates to provide soft bounce flash, and it can produce light for an extended duration as required for the Smart Photo Selector and Motion Snapshot modes.
Nikon 1-Mount Lenses
The V1 and J1 feature a new all-electric lens mount and use different lenses than Nikon DSLRs—lenses designed specifically for the new format. Nikon introduced four lenses with the cameras, with more to come: the 10-30mm kit zoom, a 10mm ƒ/2.8 pancake lens, a 10-100mm wide-range zoom and a 30-110mm telezoom. With the sensor's 2.7x crop factor, this provides focal lengths equivalent to 27-297mm on a 35mm camera. There also will be an FT-1 F-mount adapter that permits using Nikon SLR lenses, with autofocusing with AF-S and AF-I Nikkors. For wildlife shooters, this means a 300mm lens for Nikon's DSLRs effectively becomes an 810mm on the new cameras and a 400mm becomes a 1080mm (each focal length is available in Nikon's lineup for under $2,000).

Essential Accesories

Compact Bag
The Tamrac Rally 56 Hip Pack is ideal for a small mirrorless setup. The bag can hold a camera with the largest 1-series lens on it, as well as all of the available accessories.

Nothing improves your photography like a good tripod. A small camera can use a small tripod like the Giottos U.pod, which is sturdy, but very compact.

One of the best aspects of mirrorless cameras is that their lenses can be fitted with a high-quality polarizer like this HOYA model.


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