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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nikon D5100

A compact step-up DSLR with an excellent feature set

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Improved HD Movie Capability
The new D5100 can shoot HD video up to 1920x1080p at 30 (29.97) and 24 (23.976) fps—with continuous autofocusing. A built-in microphone records mono sound, or you can add an external mic for stereo sound (Nikon introduced the optional ME-1 at the same time as the D5100). The camera can record up to 20 minutes of video in a single clip, using the AVCHD H.264 codec.
In-Camera HDR
The D5100 can make two bracketed exposures in rapid succession, then combine them into a single HDR image with expanded detail from shadows through highlights. The camera also features Nikon’s proven Active D-Lighting, which effectively tames overly contrasty scenes—and can be used in conjunction with HDR if desired.

Vari-Angle LCD
The D5100 has a new 3.0-inch, 921K-dot LCD with Vari-angle capability. The LCD is hinged at the side for good ergonomics and to give you more shooting options.

Gridlines To Keep Level
You can activate gridlines both in Live View mode and in the SLR finder when desired, which is incredibly useful for keeping the horizon level in landscape images.
Self-Cleaning Sensor Unit
Like all current Nikon DSLRs, the D5100 has a built-in sensor cleaner. Each time you switch the camera on or off, high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations remove dust from the low-pass filter over the image sensor to keep images spot-free. We find this to be a great feature for nature shooters who frequently need to change lenses in the field.

Essential Accesories

Memory Card
For shooting video with the D5100, we suggest SDHC or SDXC cards that are at least Class 6 (Class 10 is better) and at least 16 GB.

Camera Bag
The Tamrac Explorer 200 has plenty of space for the D5100 along with a few lenses and accessories.

A landscape photographer’s best friend is a polarizer like this HOYA circular polarizer.


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