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Sunday, October 1, 2006

Nikon D80

Nikon provides high resolution and a host of new features in itslatest D-SLR

Nikon D80

If you’ve been putting off making your transition from film to digital or you’ve been holding out for a suitable upgrade from your existing digital camera, the Nikon D80 is very likely the camera that you’ve been waiting for. At a price under $1,000, the camera offers a lot in a compact, lightweight package that’s sure to satisfy the serious and passionate photographer.

1) The replacement for the D70s, the D80 increases the resolution up to 10.2 megapixels, allowing for quality 16x20-inch enlargements and larger for your favorite photographs that are just begging to be displayed big.

2) Nikon promises truer color and tones with color-independent preconditioning prior to the A/D conversion. The handling of the data created on the sensor happens even before the camera's image processor takes over and saves the data to either RAW or JPEG. If you’re demanding in respect to color and tone details, this camera is built to deliver the goods.

3) The camera is ready for action immediately, with a startup time of just 0.16 seconds. Its shutter lag is only 80 milliseconds, making the camera a responsive tool for photographing either a fleet-footed soccer player or the inexhaustible toddler, both notoriously hard-to-capture subjects.

4) Incorporating the 11-area AF system found in the pro-level D2 series cameras, the D80 allows you to use AF sensors individually or under a wide-area setting. Its new Auto-area AF is a sophisticated feature that measures all 11 areas and automatically detects the primary subject, utilizing only the appropriate sensors. This helps to ensure sharp results even when you only have enough time to bring the camera to your eye and press the button.


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