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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sony SLT-A77

The latest translucent-mirror DSLR from Sony has a 24.3-megapixel sensor, with continuous phase-detection AF and eye-level viewing for stills and video

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SteadyShot INSIDE Stabilization
When you can't use a tripod, Sony's SteadyShot INSIDE sensor-shift image stabilization helps produce sharper handheld images. Since it works by moving the image sensor itself rather than lens elements, you get stabilization with any lens you attach to the camera. And unlike the sensor-shift DSLRs, the A77 lets you see the effects of the stabilization, thanks to its OLED EVF.
Image Enhancers
Like other recent Sony DSLRs and TMT cameras, the A77 features Multi-Frame NR (the camera quickly shoots, then composites six images to reduce noise), Auto HDR (the camera shoots and combines the best of three bracketed images to extend detail from shadow through highlight) and Dynamic Range Optimizer (recovers shadow details while avoiding blowing out highlights in a single shot). Sweep Panorama mode makes it easy to create stitched panoramic images in-camera, handheld—even in 3D.
AVCHD Progressive Video
Employing the new AVCHD Progressive v2.0 standard, the A77 can shoot 1920x1080 full HD video at 60p (and 24p), with continuous phase-detection AF. A built-in stereo microphone and audio noise reduction enhance audio quality.

3-Way Tilting LCD Monitor
The 3.0-inch, 921,000-dot LCD monitor tilts and swivels for easy shooting at any angle—even when the camera is mounted on a tripod.
New XGA OLED Viewfinder
A key feature of the A77 is its new 2,359,296-dot (XGA) OLED electronic viewfinder, which offers much better resolution, contrast and response than the LCD-based EVFs, and provides convenient eye-level viewing for still and video shooting. The OLED finder can display exposure details, as well as preview effects of camera settings.

Essential Accesories

An accessory shotgun microphone kit like the new Que Audio Sniper Kit gives you dramatically improved audio quality and much more control over sound capture than the built-in DSLR mic. www.queaudiousa.com

Steadying Device
The Novoflex MMR Bluebird gives you a balanced, handheld platform for shooting action stills or video. A handheld device like this enhances the A77's built-in SteadyShot technology. www.hpmarketingcorp.com

Light Control
The Rogue FlashBender system easily fits into your camera bag, weighs very little and turns your accessory flash into an incredibly useful outdoor device. www.expoimaging.com


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