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Sunday, April 1, 2007

In Focus: April 2007

Panorama=Q and Panorama=Q Pro plates by NovoflexPan Wide
Panorama=Q and Panorama=Q Pro plates by Novoflex operate smoothly on a 360-degree scale, helping you take perfect panoramic shots. The plates can be used in any position and operate in 10-degree increments. The Panorama=Q Pro uses a series of eight preset click-stop positions so you can capture a scene from a variety of angles. The plates feature an integrated spirit level for accurate horizontal alignment and can be mounted between a tripod and ballhead or a ballhead and camera. List Price: $275 (Q); $745 (Q Pro). Contact: HP Marketing Corp., (800) 735-4373, www.hpmarketingcorp.com.

Hardigg iM3075 Storm CaseStorm Shelter

Protect your equipment from harsh weather and other hazards by transporting it in the Hardigg iM3075 Storm Case. Built using Hardigg’s durable resin material, the iM3075 safeguards your photo gear from mechanical shock, vibration, severe impact, water and dust while layers of cubed foam inside provide security and easy access. The heavy-duty case has a 29.8x20.8x17.8-inch interior, making plenty of room for your equipment. Estimated Street Price: $405 (no foam); $435 (with foam); $625 (with padded dividers). Contact: Hardigg Cases, (800) 542-7344, www.stormcase.com.

Brush-on-the-Fly Kit from Copper Hill ImagesSensor Cleaner
Keep your D-SLR’s image sensor dust-free when you’re in the field with the Brush-on-the-Fly Kit from Copper Hill Images. The kit features SensorSweep, a one-size-fits-all brush with a ½-inch static-charged head that works on camera sensors of all sizes. For added convenience, the kit comes with a battery-operated blower so you don’t have to hassle with canned air or other types of blowers when traveling. List Price: $31. Contact: Copper Hill Images, www.copperhillimages.com.

WalkstoolTake A Seat
Get those low-angle shots with the help of Walkstool. Take a comfortable, seated position on this light and compact stool when shooting from down low. Telescopic legs can be extended or collapsed, and rubber feet help reduce sinking into soft surfaces. Three sizes are available—18, 22 and 26 inches. List Price: $79 (18); $89 (22); $99 (26). Contact: BKA Photo, (847) 821-0450, www.bkaphoto.com.

Calumet 7100 tripodSturdy Legs
Support your camera with the lightweight Calumet 7100 tripod. Ideal for traveling, the aluminum tripod weighs just 4.5 pounds, folds down to about 21 inches and ranges in height from nine to 49 inches. It features a three-way pan/tilt head with a ¼-20 quick-release plate and four-section legs. This is one of Calumet’s new 7000 series tripods. All models feature convenient quick-release leg locks and three-position leg angle adjustments. List Price: $69. Contact: Calumet, (800) CALUMET, www.calumetphoto.com.

Energizer Dock & Go ChargerOn-The-Go Power
Speed and convenience make the Energizer Dock & Go Charger an ideal travel accessory. The device comes with two portable charging pods, each holding four AA or AAA rechargeable (NiMH) batteries. It can charge up to eight batteries in sequence or four in a pod while the other pod is in use. Typical charging time is 2.2 to 3 hours for a set of rechargeable AA batteries, depending on capacity, and 2.5 to 3 hours for a set of AAA batteries. List Price: $34. Contact: Energizer, (800) 383-7323, www.energizer.com.

ProbrellaTake Cover
Protect your camera from harsh weather and sun flare with the Probrella. Lined with a silver reflective coating, you also can use it as a bounce flash umbrella to enlarge and diffuse your light source, reducing harsh shadows. Probrella has a mounting system that connects directly to the tripod socket of your camera and can be adjusted to almost any position, thanks to a 360-degree ball socket and slide system. List Price: $34. Contact: OmegaSatter, (410) 374-3250, www.omegasatter.com.

TabbloOnline Storyteller
Tabblo is a next-generation online photo-sharing service that lets you do more than just share photos. Equipped with powerful editing tools and professional-quality templates, you can design creative posters, postcards and albums. You also can invite others to add their own images and commentary to your album, telling the whole story of a vacation, reunion or other event. Tabblo offers free, unlimited storage, and poster-sized prints are available for less than $10. Contact: Tabblo, www.tabblo.com.


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