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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In Focus: April 2008

Having a fast, high-resolution camera is only part of the equation. If your memory card can’t keep pace, the camera might not be able to keep up with you. The PNY Optima Pro CompactFlash High Speed cards have sustained read and write speeds of 20 MBps, which is considerably faster than standard CF cards. Designed for high-performance D-SLRs, the cards are now available in 16 GB capacity, in addition to 2 GB, 4 GB and 8 GB. Estimated Street Price: $250 (16 GB). Contact: PNY Technologies, www.pny.com.
PNY High Speed Cards

Make sure the image on your monitor and in print looks the way it did through the lens. The Datacolor Spyder3Pro is a display calibration tool featuring a colorimeter, with a seven-detector color engine that allows more control over white point and gamma. Ambient light control optimizes the monitor’s calibration according to the light in any given room. Spyder3Print is a print calibration tool that uses a spectrocolorimeter to read targets and create custom printing files. Estimated Street Price: $160 (Spyder3Pro); $499 (Spyder3Print). Contact: Datacolor, (800) 554-8688, www.datacolor.com.
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Protect special or limited-edition prints with Desert Varnish Gel from Moab by Legion Paper, a water-based gloss coating for archival pigment inks used with canvas, fine-art and some photo papers. The gel dries highly flexible, has UV inhibitors and is waterproof and scratchproof. Especially useful for work not displayed under glass, the coating improves print longevity and can be applied with a brush, roller or spray gun. List Price: TBA. Contact: Moab by Legion Paper, (800) 278-4478, www.moabpaper.com.
Desert Varnish Gel

Support your camera on the Sunpak Pro 623P Carbon Fiber Tripod. At just under five pounds, this lightweight full-sized tripod has three leg sections for quick setup. It loads up to 11 pounds, and it has a height range of 13.5 to 63 inches. The 623P has a removable three-way photo/video panhead with quick release and three-position leg angle locks for low-angle photography. There’s also a second short center column for low-level photography. Estimated Street Price: $250. Contact: Sunpak, (973) 627-9600, www.sunpak.com.
Sunpak Pro Tripod

Stay comfortable while hiking with heavy camera gear in tow using the Naneu Pro Adventure K-3L. With the backpack’s AirFlow Suspension System, air is allowed to circulate between your back and the pack itself, keeping you cool and comfy. The outer shell is made of water-repellent nylon. The K-3L has room for a pro-level D-SLR with a short zoom attached, four small or two long lenses, a flash and other extras. There’s also a weatherproof slot for a 15.4-inch laptop. Estimated Street Price: $160. Contact: Naneu Pro, (866) 806-2638, www.naneupro.com.
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Naneu Pro Adventure

Lexar is boosting the capacity of it's SDHC memory cards to 8 GB. All three of the company’s card lineups‚ Professional, Platinum II and standard‚ are receiving the upgrade. The high-end Professional 133x 8 GB SDHC cards deliver minimum sustained write speeds of 20 MBps, allowing you to take advantage of your D-SLR’s high-speed processor and accelerate image download times. The Platinum II cards are capable of 9 MBps write speeds, and the standard line is rated at 2 MBps. Estimated Street Price: TBA. Contact: Lexar Media, (800) 789-9418, www.lexar.com.
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Lexar Pro

Durable, scratch-resistant filters are essential for a smooth shoot in the field. The Tiffen Digital HT Hi-Trans Titanium Multi-Coated Filters resist scratching, are easy to clean and feature outstanding anti-reflective and high-transmission properties. They reflect less than one percent of the light hitting the front surface while transmitting nearly 99 percent. Capable of withstanding dirt, humidity and other challenging conditions, the filters are available in 52mm to 82mm sizes and formats ranging from haze to neutral-density. Estimated Street Price: Varies. Contact: Tiffen, (631) 273-2500, www.tiffen.com.
Tiffen Digital Filters

If you edit images using a Wacom pen display, give yourself some elbow room with the 20.1-inch wide-format Cintiq 20WSX. With 1680 x 1050 resolution, a wide viewing angle and accurate color reproduction, you can edit big images in great detail. The work-area size allows your arm and hand to glide easily over the entire surface. Use it as a primary monitor or as a multi-monitor solution with features like a Display Toggle for easily switching between screens. Fourteen customizable ExpressKeys provide quick access to often-used keystrokes, mouse clicks and other time-saving operations. Estimated Street Price: $1,999. Contact: Wacom, (800) 922-6613, www.wacom.com.
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Shoot big images fast with the SanDisk Ultra II SDHC memory card, which now comes in capacities of 16 GB and 32 GB. The cards offer faster read and write speeds of 15 MBps, up from previous speeds of 10 MBps (read) and 9 MBps (write). The 32 GB Ultra II SDHC card is the highest-capacity card produced by the company. A SanDisk MicroMate USB 2.0 Reader comes with the cards. List Price: $349 (32 GB); $179 (16 GB). Contact: SanDisk, (866) SANDISK, www.sandisk.com.
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SanDisk Ultra II


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