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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In Focus: August 2009

This Article Features Photo Zoom
The Really Right Stuff BH-25 ballhead is lightweight and easy to use, with an 8.8-pound load capacity. The T-shaped, spring-loaded control lever locks both panning and ball articulation simultaneously. The diameter is 25mm and comes in three versions with either a round platform, B2-mAS screw-knob mini-clamp or B2-40 LR lever-release clamp. List Price: $90 (no clamp); $175 (LR clamp). Contact: Really Right Stuff, (888) 777-5557, www.reallyrightstuff.com.
Synchronize your camera and flash units wirelessly from up to 150 feet away with the Calumet Four-Channel Radio Flash Trigger Kit. The transmitter has a hot-shoe for on-camera mounting, and the large digital read-out specifies which channel is selected. The transmitter also has a socket for connecting to your computer. The receiver comes with a standard 3.5mm jack, a 6.5mm photo jack adapter and a PC flash socket. It can be mounted with the included Velcro® strap or by using the metal hook. Estimated Street Price: $99. Contact: Calumet Photographic, (800) CALUMET, www.calumetphoto.com.
When shooting on uneven terrain, give your D-SLR the sturdy support it needs using the VariZoom Zero Gravity tripod head. Vertical balance adjustment technology allows you to place the camera’s center of gravity directly on the tilt axis, avoiding balance problems. The head also has fluid pan and tilt capability for smooth motion when capturing high-definition video. The head is designed for 360-degree tilts and can handle heavy telephoto lenses. List Price: $549. Contact: VariZoom, (512) 219-7722, www.varizoom.com.
The Litepanels 1x1 Low Profile LED lighting fixture is designed for mounting flat against a ceiling or wall. The bulbs are tilted 40 degrees off axis so thatlight is projected forward from the fixture to softly light the subject. Like other Litepanels 1x1 units, the Low Profile is dimmable using DMX or a control on the light itself with no noticeable shift in color temperature. It’s available in Flood (5600 and 3200 degrees K), as well as Spot and SuperSpot configurations (5600 degrees K). List Price: TBA. Contact:Litepanels, Inc., (818) 752-7009, www.litepanels.com.

The Kubota Image Tools Pro Pak is a bundle of plug-ins containing six of the most popular tools from Kevin Kubota’s professional image-enhancing tools for Adobe Photoshop. Included are Kubota Artistic Tools v1-4 special effects plug-ins, Production Tools, as well as a Formula Book containing 42 separate recipes to get just the look you want. Also helping to make your workflow more efficient is the new Dashboard, which is a floating palette within Photoshop that acts like a mini-search engine for the enhancement tools. List Price: $629. Contact: Kubota Image Tools, (877) 330-4330, www.kubotaimagetools.com.
X-Rite is combining elements of ProfileMaker 5 and MonacoPROFILER to create a streamlined, high-end color profiling solution that’s precise and affordable. The consolidated program allows you to build custom ICC profiles tailored to your specific workflow needs and output to a variety of printing options, including inkjet, laser, offset and flexo. X-Rite’s profiling software enables display profile creation, input profiles for cameras, scanners and other capture devices and output profiles. List Price: TBA. Contact: X-Rite, (914) 347-3300, www.xrite.com.
With the Cotton Carrier, you have a secure way of carrying your camera without having to deal with a bulky backpack. The camera locks securely into the harness, but remains accessible for quick use. Regardless of lens or camera body size, the holster is designed to carry one or two SLRs. If just one does the job, the second carrier is removable and can be attached to any camera bag or belt. Estimated Street Price: $149. Contact: Cotton Carrier, www.cottoncarrier.com.


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