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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In Focus: August 2012

This Article Features Photo Zoom
Made with full-grain boot leather that's more than tough enough for handling the outdoors, Saddleback Leather bags and accessories come with a 100-year warranty. The Gadget Bag is available in three sizes, with the largest able to hold a pro DSLR with attached 24-70mm, plus two additional lenses, a flash unit and extras such as batteries, filters and memory cards. The sewn cap closure keeps gear clean and dry, even in the dustiest and wettest of places. Padded dividers are available. Estimated Street Price: $162 to $280. Contact: Saddleback Leather, (210) 858-5210, www.saddlebackleather.com.
When you're shooting from the car window and need some support, the Apex Bean Bag is a sturdy solution. The bag is made from tightly woven heavy-duty nylon pack cloth and sewn with high-strength polyester thread. With an aluminum plate that can be inserted into the top pocket of the bag for using a tripod head, the bean bag allows you to track, pan and use autofocus. Its large, flat top offers a stable surface for supporting lenses, and the bottom U-shaped portion is covered with a high-tack material, ensuring that the bag stays in place. Estimated Street Price: $129. Contact: Essential Photo Gear, www.essentialphotogear.com.
Carrying a DSLR around your waist as opposed to your neck can be a more comfortable option. The makers of the b-grip EVO belt holder now offer some other helpful accessories to go along withtheir hip alternative. The Universal Tripod Adapter fits all tripod models and is compatible with all b-grip camera accessories. The HS+ Handstrap includes the b-grip Quick Release Plate to securely go from belt to shooting in a snap. The unique "S" shape of the strap is designed to keep your fingers free for operating the camera. The Travel Kit lets you attach your camera directly to a backpack shoulder strap. Estimated Street Price: $19 (Tripod Adapter); $24 (Handstrap); $19 (Travel Kit). Contact: OmegaBrandess, (410) 374-3250, www.omegabrandess.com.
The grey side of the Novoflex Zebra card serves as a reference area for exposure metering, and the white side ensures accurate white balance. After taking a light reading of the card to perform an exposure measurement or white balance, the camera is able to deliver the most accurate exposure and color under the existing lighting conditions. The Zebra card is made from a flexible polymer with anti-reflection coating on both sides. Two sizes are available. Estimated Street Price: $27 to $34. Contact: HP Marketing Corp., (800) 735-4373, www.hpmarketingcorp.com.
Beef up your iPhone camera accessories by checking out the Adorama iPhone Toolshed. Lots of interesting little items can be found here, such as the Capta Tripod Mount/Phone Stand, the Digital King Magnet-Mount Wide Angle/Macro Lens and the Steadicam Smoothee. In addition to serving as a tripod mount, the Capta has a slot next to the tripod socket for keeping cables in order. The Wide Angle/Macro Lens from Digital King turns your iPhone lens into a 20mm. And the Steadicam Smoothee, with its ball-jointed handgrip, keeps the phone steady when you're capturing video. Estimated Street Price: $34 (mount); $39 (lens); $179 (Smoothee). Contact: Adorama, www.adorama.com/iphonetoolshed.

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