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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In Focus: July 2010

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The V-shaped Eureka! Suite V tent provides a good-sized vestibule for stashing stuff, and the oversized door, with a center height of 6’9”, makes it easy for taller campers to relax. A unique pole structure provides maximum headroom at the front of the tent. Other features include two large D-style doors with mesh roof and four windows for airflow. A fly can be configured in multiple ways, including use as an awning. A removable curtain divider creates two separate rooms for privacy. Estimated Street Price: $219 to $299. Contact: Eureka!, (800) 572-8822, www.eurekatent.com.

When the sun goes down, keep sight of the trail using the Mammut Lucido TR1 headlamp. The high-quality Total Reflex Optics lens focuses light efficiently and evenly across your field of vision, enhancing peripheral vision. Four LEDs are arranged with dispersion angles designed to match your peripheral vision, reducing dark spots. High and low settings offer 65 and 39 feet of illumination, respectively, with up to 60 hours of battery life on low. The lamp weighs just 2.5 ounces. Estimated Street Price: $34. Contact: Mammut Sports Group, (802) 985-5056, www.mammut.ch.
Stay prepared for any situation with the Switch Modular Pocket Knife. With attachments ranging from pliers or a screwdriver to an LED flashlight or USB Memory Stick, this is far more than just a traditional pocket knife. Additional attachments include tweezers, nail file, Phillips-head screwdriver, eyeglass flathead screwdriver, wood saw, serrated blade, corkscrew, combination can opener/wire stripper, pen and magnifying glass. Swapping out the inner axles according to how many tools are desired modifies the tool’s width. Estimated Street Price: $68 (presale); $79 (regular). Contact: Quirky, (866) 545-4623, www.quirky.com.
Protect yourself from pesky insects using Bite Blaster, an FDA-compliant anesthetic spray from Coastal Solutions, Inc. An effective treatment for stings and bites from mosquitoes, flies, ants, bees and other pests, Bite Blaster also works for treating pain and itching caused by exposure to poison ivy, oak and sumac. The solution contains the maximum over-the-counter dosage of the pharmaceutical, Lidocaine, which has long been used for abrasions, minor burns and small cuts. It’s available as a “pen sprayer” for fitting easily in a pocket or pouch. Estimated Street Price: $5. Contact: Coastal Solutions, (912) 353-3368, www.coastalsolutionsinc.com.

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