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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In Focus: July 2011

This Article Features Photo Zoom
The Tenba Vector collection features a bag for every need, with small camera pouches for point-and-shoots, top-loading bags for an SLR and a single lens, as well as shoulder bags and daypacks for fitting larger camera systems. The lightweight bags are constructed of water-resistant fabric, and some of the models include an all-weather cover wrap. Known for paying attention to detail, Tenba has custom-dyed every zipper, clip, D-ring, rain cover, lens cloth and piece of fabric to match the colors the bags are available in; those include Krypton Green, Oxygen Blue, Cadmium Red and Carbon Black. Estimated Street Price: $12 to $79. Contact: Tenba, (914) 347-3300, www.tenba.com.

Get more light out of your flash at longer distances, especially when photographing far-off wildlife, with the XT Flash Extender series from Harbor Digital Design. The unit mounts securely to the flash with a custom adapter so no straps or Velcro® are necessary. Quick, secure mounting allows for easy and accurate focusing on your subject. It produces up to two or more stops of additional light at 100 feet. Estimated Street Price: TBA. Contact: Harbor Digital Design, (253) 851-6117, www.harbordigitaldesign.com.

Light rays trickling through a canopy of trees, shafts of light streaming through clouds or light beams shining through on a foggy night make for dramatic pictures. If conditions on the ground prevent you from capturing a scene like this in-camera, you can create it digitally with Rays from Digital Film Tools. The plug-in allows you to set ray length and brightness, control direction, customize color and tailor the threshold to specify where the rays will be visible. Estimated Street Price: $50. Contact: Digital Film Tools, www.digitalfilmtools.com.

A set of Cross Camera Color DNG Profiles from PSKiss allows Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom users to apply a color profile developed for one camera to RAW files produced by a different one. Each color profile is a result of the camera manufacturer's interpretation of how that color should appear. With Cross Camera Color DNG Profiles, you can use a Nikon D300 with a Leica M8 DNG profile to produce the color look of the M8. Or you can use a Nikon D40X and produce the look of a Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II. You just open up a Camera Raw file with Photoshop CS4, CS5, Elements or Lightroom and choose the colors you want for an image. Estimated Street Price: $9 (per camera). Contact: PSKiss, www.pskiss.com.

The Graslon Flash Diffuser uses a different approach than other standard models to produce softer shadows. Instead of only using some kind of translucent material in front of the flash to scatter light and soften shadows, Graslon makes use of an innovative reflective mirror system that enlarges the light from the flash before it exits the diffuser. By the time the light gets to the diffuser lens, it's evenly distributed from the furthest corners, across the middle and along the side. This process eliminates hot spots on the diffuser and delivers even softer shadows. The diffusers come in two sizes. Estimated Street Price: $69 to $99. Contact: Graslon, (877) 967-7766, www.graslon.com.


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