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Sunday, June 1, 2008

In Focus: June 2008

Make sure the dramatic skies you saw through the lens maintain their color on screen and in the final print. X-Rite ColorMunki Photo is a complete color-management suite with an all-in-one spectrophotometer that profiles monitors, projectors and printers. Use the easy mode with presets or if you’re looking for more control, an advanced mode lets you set white point, ambient light and other measurements. New printing technology optimizes specific colors, black-and-white, and flesh tones based on your photos. List Price: $499. Contact: X-Rite, (914) 347-3300, www.xritephoto.com.
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Fantom Drives

Make fine-art prints of your scenics using Harman Gloss FB AL Warmtone paper. A Baryta coating helps give the paper a look and feel similar to that of traditional silver gelatin papers. Some of the key benefits are greater detail and definition, extended tonal range and solid archival properties. The warm tint is particularly nice for black-and-white prints delivering a richer look. It will be available in Letter, B, Super B and A2+ (17x25-inch) sheets, and 17-, 24- and 44-inch rolls. List Price: TBA. Contact: Harman Technology, www.harman-inkjet.com.

Create photo calendars, cards and stickers using the HiTi 731PS photo printer from Hi-Touch Imaging. A powerful processing engine prints images fast, and Magic Coating technology ensures that they will last long by adding a waterproof layer. You can select and edit your images using the color TFT LCD Wizard Window. The 731PS makes 4x6-, 5x7- and 6x8-inch prints, and supports all popular memory-card formats. Estimated Street Price: $399. Contact: Hi-Touch Imaging, (909) 974-0099, www.hitouchimaging.com.
Metz Mecablitz

Get high-resolution scenics from your last trip to family and friends fast with YouSendIt Express. The desktop program features a built-in zipping feature for easily dragging and dropping in folders that automatically zip up before sending. The software works for Mac or Windows and includes password protection, certified delivery and file-expiration control. You get 2 GB of long-term storage space and can purchase more at $4.99 per GB. List Price: $9 per month. Contact: YouSendIt, (866) 55U-SEND, www.yousendit.com.

Protect your lenses in foul weather with BODA DRY, a fully weatherproof line of lens bags that comes in two sizes. BODA DRY holds three to five lenses plus batteries and accessories, while the smaller BODA DRY Jr. stores two to three primary lenses. Both bags include a media wallet with space for eight memory cards. The line was created for active photographers by a pro shooter with input from hundreds of pros and permits easy one-handed access to gear. List Price: $195 (DRY); $165 (DRY Jr.). Contact: BODA Lens Bag, (206) 709-3829, www.goboda.com.
Giottos Series Tripods

When you’re out shooting wildlife with a long telephoto lens, the CB Gimbal from Custom Brackets helps you pan smoothly from one direction to another. Featuring a true roller-bearing design, the support device has a separate drag adjustment and lock for both horizontal and vertical movement of lenses using soft rubber-coated knobs. It also can be used as a panoramic head with 360-degree markings for use with wide-angle lenses. List Price: $700. Contact: Custom Brackets, (800) 530-2289, www.custombrackets.com.

Get the look of a classic black-and-white print created in the darkroom using Epson Exhibition Fiber Paper. From the sample prints we’ve seen, the paper closely replicates the look and feel of an F-surface air-dried, silver-halide print. Images had a three-dimensional look, and the amount of detail reproduced in the highlights and shadows was remarkable. In developing the paper, Epson worked with professional photographer beta testers. Custom printing profiles can be downloaded at www.pixelgenius.com/Epson, along with more information about the paper and color management. List Price: Varies by size. Contact: Epson, (800) GO-EPSON, www.epson.com.


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