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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In Focus: June 2009

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If you have a sizeable collection of black-and-white negatives that you’re hoping to preserve, ScanCafe now offers a scanning service tailored especially for that need. Because silver-halide film often is more brittle and tends to scratch easily, ScanCafe has developed a process by which negatives are enlarged to a minimum of 1920x1080 pixels and visible defects are removed by hand. The result is 3,000 dpi images with increased tonal depth, dynamic range and sharpness. List Price: $0.69 per negative. Contact: ScanCafe, (866) 745-0392, www.scancafe.com.

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Carry your D-SLR comfortably with the HoldSLR collapsible camera carrier. Using a simple hook, the carrier attaches to almost any kind of strap or belt, such as the chest strap of a backpack or a pants belt. No special strap systems are necessary. The carrier also has an expandable weather-resistant lens boot to accommodate different-sized lenses, from wide-angles to long telephoto zooms. It has been tested to withstand up to 20 pounds of weight. List Price: $59. Contact: HoldSLR, Inc., www.holdslr.com.
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When all your next photo trip calls for is a camera and lens, carry them in M-Rock’s Yellowstone camera bag. It holds a D-SLR body with a 4.5-inch lens attached. Two padded, dual-adjustable shoulder straps allow you to wear it as a messenger bag, backpack or waist pouch. The scratch-resistant interior is made of dense closed-cell foam and plastic panels for protecting gear without adding too much bulk. A small tripod can be attached using the rubber straps below. List Price: $55. Contact: M-Rock, (800) 773-7067, www.m-rock.com.
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Store your images while out in the field and free up space on your memory card using the JOBO GIGA Vu SONIC and GIGA one SONIC portable storage devices. The GIGA Vu can download up to 1 GB in 30 seconds, features TRUE RAW decoding of most RAW formats, has a 3.2-inch color LCD and comes in capacities up to 250 GB. The GIGA one can transfer up to 1 GB in less than a minute, has a 1.8-inch LCD and comes in capacities up to 200 GB. List Price: $430 (250 GB GIGA Vu); $329 (200 GB GIGA one). Contact: JOBO AG, (734) 677-6989, www.jobo-usa.com.
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