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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

In Focus: March 2013

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Neckstraps can be inconvenient when you're moving quickly through brushy terrain. The Capture Camera Clip System does away with neck straps and swinging, snagging cameras. It consists of an aluminum clip that fits on any belt or strap, and a quick-release plate that screws into the camera's tripod socket. Once the camera is locked into the clip, a quick-release button releases it. The Capture Camera Clip is made of weatherproof aluminum and comes with a lifetime guarantee. It works with any camera that has a standard 1⁄4-20 tripod socket. You can mount the camera in the clip in four directions, for easy lens changes, and can use a hand strap with it, if desired. The ARCAplate and MICROplate fit most Arca-type tripod heads, while the DUALplate fits both Arca and Manfrotto RC2 heads. Estimated Street Price: $79. Contact: Peak Design, www.peakdesignltd.com.

One of the joys of outdoor photography is putting big prints of your landscapes, wildlife and close-up work on your walls, or even for sale. Epson has introduced three new canvases in the popular Signature Worthy paper collection that produce excellent large-format prints. Exhibition Canvas Natural delivers gallery-quality prints with industry-leading Dmax and color gamut without employing optical brightening agents (OBAs). The paper is available in a Gloss, Satin and Matte finish and features a new OBA-free coating that maintains a bright white point for saturated colors, rich blacks and solid shadow detail. Constructed on a flexible base of blended cotton and polyester, the 19ml thick Exhibition Canvas Natural media are both durable and offer improved flexibility, allowing them to be coated and stretched for easy finishing and framing. All three types are available in roll widths of 13, 17, 24, 44 and 60 inches, as well as 17x22-inch cut sheets. Estimated Street Price: TBA. Contact: Epson, www.proimaging.epson.com.

A headlamp is one of the most useful items you can have in your bag. The new Petzl TIKKA XP 2 takes up little space—it weighs just 3.1 ounces—and you can keep both hands free while using it. Its high-output LED puts out a bright, clear light to let you see clearly as you set up and take down your camera in the dark, and it will illuminate the trail out to a distance of 223 feet. There are five lighting modes, including two white lighting levels, a strobe mode (for emergencies, not photography), two red light modes, and you can choose between wide or focused beams with a wide-angle lens attached. Estimated Street Price: $55. Contact: Petzl, www.petzl.com.

Many top nature photographers use a flash to provide catchlights in wildlife subjects' eyes, for fill light and to illuminate close-up subjects like flowers and insects. The Phottix Odin TTL Trigger provides wireless radio control of TTL flash with full TTL functioning, along with remote control of power and flash zoom settings. The Odin consists of an on-camera transmitter and control unit, plus receiver units for Canon, Nikon or Sony hot-shoe flash units. You can mix TTL and manual flash units, use high-speed sync (up to 1/8000) and second-curtain functions, and adjust manual power remotely. The four-channel, 2.4 GHz transmitter and receiver units can operate at ranges greater than 328 feet, and use AA batteries. Kits are available containing one transmitter and two receivers. Estimated Street Price: $349 (transmitter and receiver). Contact: OmegaBrandess, (410) 374-3250, www.omegabrandess.com.


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