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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

In Focus: October 2013

This Article Features Photo Zoom
Perfect to pair with your GoPro HERO, the Steadicam Smoothee by Tiffen eliminates unwanted shake that's associated with handheld shooting, allowing you to focus on capturing the story in front of you. The quick-release mount makes it easy to switch between the Smoothee and a tripod for shot variability. The 8x14.5x2.5-inch (WxHxD) rig is small and light, effortlessly fitting into your kit. Estimated Street Price: $149. Contact: Tiffen, www.tiffen.com.

Shooting, downloading and completing a workflow on location has its difficulties. The i-Visor Pro LS MAG by Seaport Digital creates a mobile "darkroom" workstation with a trifold visor and extra cloth for full coverage, making screen viewing feasible in bright environments. The strong and lightweight magnesium-alloy frame connects to a tripod stand with no additional parts, making mobility and height adjustment quick and easy. Accommodating up to a 17-inch laptop, the i-Visor Pro LS MAG includes several pockets for cables, batteries and external hard drives, as well as pass-through cable ports. With a padded rigid core, ballistics outer fabric and waterproof zippers, the i-Visor Pro LS MAG will keep your important equipment safe during your travels. List Price: $249. Contact: Seaport Digital, www.seaportdigital.com.

Giving photographers more flexibility in creating HDR images, Unified Color Technologies has upgraded the standalone software HDR Expose 3 and the 32 Float v3 Photoshop plug-in to allow multiple frames to merge from handheld bracket shooting. The new file browser automatically detects bracketed exposures using thumbnails instead of filenames and can employ a batch merge function. Upgraded alignment capabilities, including fully automatic and manual assist options, calculate proper fit while the reengineered deghosting algorithms reduce movement in a scene by using a key frame for other frames to reference. New Adaptive Tone Mapping enhances local control of contrast, color and detail retention. For photographers interested in the HDR and 32-bit color-editing capabilities in a Photoshop workflow, United Color offers the 32 Float v3 Photoshop plug-in. List Price: $119 (HDR Expose 3); $89 (32 Float v3). Contact: Unified Color Technologies, www.unifiedcolor.com.

Know that you're displaying your images on your mobile device the way they're meant to be seen with the SpyderGALLERY tablet calibration app by Datacolor. Perfect for photographers who use their device for portfolio sharing, SpyderGALLERY provides color-corrected viewing for your iPad, iPhone or Android device, ensuring an accurate and consistent color display, more closely matching your computer monitor. The app integrates with Facebook and Flickr viewing, as well as images saved to your device. Additionally, you can view and compare the images with and without the color correction and see the difference the SpyderGALLERY makes. Free. Contact: Datacolor, www.datacolor.com.
Unpredictable tides can make capturing your ideal image illusive and dangerous. The Tide Graph app helps you determine the timing of the currents with interactive graphs displaying high and low tide times, tide levels and rates of change using the same algorithm as the National Weather Service. Choose from past and future dates and save the graphs for future reference without an Internet connection. The app also lists sunrise, sunset and moonlight graphs. Estimated Street Price: $1.99. Contact: Brainware LLC, www.tidegraph.com.


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