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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gadget Bag: Carbon-Fiber Tripods

They’re lightweight, rock-solid tools that are guaranteed to make an immediate improvement in your images

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Manfrotto 190CXPRO3
The 2.8-pound Induro Carbon 8X CT114 tripod features carbon-fiber legs and a cross-braced magnesium-alloy spider. It includes an oversized center column lock, enhanced leg angle locks, a reversible locking center column and interchangeable rubber feet with stainless-steel spikes. Extending to 59.3 inches, the CT114 will safely hold up to 17.6 pounds and includes a handy, integral bubble level. Full-width leg locks are dirt- and moisture-resistant, and the double-threaded accessory mount fits a wide range of accessories.

Manfrotto 190X series tripods have been playing center stage since their introduction. The carbon-fiber 190CXPRO3 is 20% lighter at 2.8 pounds and offers an increased load capacity (11 pounds) compared to the all-metallic version. Maximum height is 57.5 inches. The center column is designed to be used either vertical or horizontal without removing it. By extending the column to its highest vertical position, the column can be swung over to horizontal without removing the head or disassembling the column itself. Four leg-angle settings (25°, 46°, 66° and 88°) assure stability on uneven ground. The magnesium top plate has an integrated bubble level. The 190CX family includes three models, the three-section 190CXPRO3, four-section 190CXPRO4 and a basic version, the 190CX3.

The Slik PROFESSIONAL 4 CF reaches a maximum height of 100 inches and supports up to 44 pounds, but still boasts a pack weight of around eight pounds. This is a very beefy tripod, with 36mm diameter leg segments. It’s suitable for just about any camera up to most 8x10 view cameras. The legs are of a grooved tubular design that resists rotational torque when unlocking or locking. The multi-angle leg locks allow each leg to be positioned at a different angle to accommodate uneven terrain.

The Velbon EL Carmagne 640A tripod weighs 3.2 pounds, grows to a maximum extended height of 61.4 inches and supports up to 13.2 pounds. All models in the EL Carmagne series have three-position legs and a split rapid center column. Also included is an accessory hook for rock-bag stabilization, neoprene covering the top leg sections, and height markings on the lower two leg sections to allow for more precise positioning.

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