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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gadget Bag: Cold Weather Photo-Savers

Take advantage of the best of winter’s photo opportunities with gear that will keep you warm, dry and comfortable

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Manfrotto Lino Pro Photo Glove; Flashpoint Finger Shooting Glove
It's hard to shoot with frozen fingers so wear protective gloves. The really warm heavy winter gloves are too bulky to allow you to set camera controls and press buttons, so most shooters prefer photographer's gloves like the Flashpoint Finger Shooting Glove, which provides quick access to your thumb and fingertip. Another option is the Manfrotto Lino Pro Photo Glove, which keeps hands warm and insulated without preventing you from accessing camera controls. One of our staff members uses baseball batting gloves, which do permit setting the camera even with the smallish buttons and levers, but they're thin and don't keep your hands warm at temperatures below around 40° F. Chemical hand warmers are easy to carry and do a good job of keeping your hands ready to shoot.

Lowa Tibet Pro GTX Boots
Warm mountaineer's socks enhance warmth and comfort, while boots made with Gore-Tex® fabric keep your feet warm and dry. Gore-Tex® allows water vapor to sweat out while preventing water drops from getting in. The Garmont Zenith Hike Gore-Tex® boots are lightweight and highly breathable so your feet should stay comfortable all day long. If you're headed out on a heavy backpacking trip that could see fairly extreme weather conditions, consider the Tibet Pro GTX boots from Lowa. The tough Vibram Masai sole gives you traction, while a 5mm full-length nylon shank adds stability and protection.

Manfrotto Lino Pro Field Jacket
Manfrotto Lino Pro Field Jacket

Manfrotto's Lino Pro Field Jacket is a stylish, comfortable all-weather coat that keeps warmth in and wind and water out, while providing freedom of movement. It features two interior pockets with modular pocket inserts that can be removed and used as kneepads while shooting low-level images. The design distributes the weight of pocket items to the shoulders, and there are shoulder-pad inserts to cushion the weight of camera bags. The black jackets are available in men's and women's styles and sizes.


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