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Friday, September 1, 2006

Gadget Bag: Digital Image Management

Take the work out of photo organization with these smart applications

Digital Image Management

Organizing digital photos isn't why most of us enjoy photography. Managing images rates right up there with chores we'd rather put off, like taking out the trash. In spite of that, it's something we all need to do as the number of images in our collection grows rapidly.

There are a number of different levels of software available to help with this task, from basic cataloging with keywords up through end-to-end solutions for organizing, editing and outputting your images. Depending on your needs and working style, one of the products covered here is likely to be a fit for you and make the computer side of your photography time more productive.

Organizing Vs. Cataloging
There are a few major differences in the way some of these programs track your image files. Some, like Apple Aperture, keep your images in a central location or what appears to be a single file. Others are simply browsers that let you view your images where they lay. These programs have the advantage of being quick to get up and running. Additionally, Apple Aperture will automatically import your images and do simple organization based on the folder structure you currently use.


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