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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gadget Bag: Field Storage

Multimedia storage viewers, MSVs for short, are much more than just a place to dump image files before reformatting a memory card while in the field

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Wolverine ESP
The Wolverine ESP includes a 250 GB hard drive and a large, bright, 3.6-inch LCD monitor. Functions include image browsing, all standard manipulations (delete, copy, etc.) and more. Plus, video recording can be enabled via an optional cradle. The ESP includes an A/V cable that allows connection to TVs and projectors. It has a built-in speaker and a high-capacity, long-life battery that allows you to transfer up to 20 GB of data, play 13 hours of music or upload four hours of video on a single charge. With a built-in FM radio tuner and recorder, you can scan, listen and record FM broadcasts and preset up to 18 stations—very cool! Estimated Street Price: $320 (250 GB).

Is Your Data Safe?
Some units, like the HyperDrive Colorspace, use CRC (cyclic redundancy check) data validation to confirm that your images have been safely transferred to the mobile storage device. This process provides a high level of reliability and is sufficient for short-term storage while on the go. Don’t put your data at risk by failing to transfer it to permanent storage as soon as possible. In the opinion of some (including this writer), your images are never safe until they’ve been downloaded to your primary computer and backed up on a minimum of three independent storage media.

Argraph (MemoryKick)

Digital Foci

(HyperDrive Colorspace)


Wolverine Data


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