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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Gadget Bag: Have Tripod, Will Travel

Take along a tripod when away from home to ensure sharp photographs

Made from lightweight magnesium, the innovatively designed Manfrotto Model 3437 3D Magnesium head can be put in almost any position. It includes spring-loaded conical joints, delivering a lock system that provides Manfrotto Model 3437 3D Magnesiumflexibility and rigidity with 35mm and medium-format cameras. It includes a quick-release plate and rubber-grip knobs for maximum convenience. Estimated Street Price: $99.

Designed around a fixed-positioned ball surrounded by a moveable housing, the Novoflex MagicBall Mini allows users to position the camera at an incline position without having to negotiate slots. A single-locking handle controls the tension and position of the head for quick and easy positioning. The head weighs 11.6 ounces and supports up to 11 pounds. List Price: $285.


Novoflex MagicBall MiniFor the ultimate in portable stability, the OSN CP-5 Digital Bottle Camera Pod allows you to convert something as simple as a soda bottle into a camera platform. Designed to work with most 20-ounce bottles, it can also serve as a car-window mount or attach to a flat surface, such as a book. Its OSN CP-5 Digital Bottl Camera Podcompact size and versatility help you to achieve sharper images using everyday items for support. List Price: $9.

The Pod
builds on the traditional beanbag, but with a twist—a tripod socket. The Pod can be used to shoot at ground level, out of a car window or anywhere a tripod isn’t feasible. With aThe Pod nonslip base and made with waterproof nylon, The Pod becomes a very effective tool for helping you get the sharpest images possible, no matter where or how you’re shooting. Estimated Street Price: $16.

The Really Right Stuff BH-25 LR Ballhead offers a versatile ballhead design at a weight of less than eight ounces. Providing a load capacity of 8.8 pounds, the head features a T-shaped release lever that controls two actions at once: the locking and unlocking of the panning base and ball. The spring-loaded lever can be pulled and repositioned into one of six positions. List Price: $175.

Really Right Stuff BH-25 LR Ballhead

Weighing just 38 ounces, the Slik Sprint Pro 3-Way provides a maximum height of 64 inches and supports a maximum weight of 4.4 pounds. It includes a three-way panhead, speed-release leg locks, and a gearless center column for quick and easy positioning. With the built-in short column, the tripod can be positioned to a height of just 6.8 inches, ideal for close-up photography. Estimated Street Price: $98.


Slik Sprint Pro 3-way

Sometimes using a traditional tripod isn’t practical, but a stable platform is still needed. The Sunpak FlexPod Pro is a flexible, lightweight mini-tripod that you can bend, stretch and wrap around just about anything. Weighing only six ounces, it’s light enough to carry Sunpak FlexPod Pro anywhere, yet it can support a digital SLR. A built-in quick release makes setup fast and easy. List Price: Around $30.

A tabletop tripod is great when you want to shoot in the evening, but don’t want to take your full-sized tripod along with you.

The Sunpak Mini Pro Plus Sunpak Flexpodfeatures three-way head, a built-in bubble-level, and versatile, precise camera positioning, all within a compact package. It weighs only 13.7 ounces and provides a maximum height of just more than 12 inches. The bottom end of the center column features a suction-cup mount for smooth surfaces in order to help prevent the camera from tipping over. Estimated Street Price: $25.


Trek-Tech T'Pod

Weighing in at only 13 ounces, the Trek-Tech T’Pod is a small and rugged tabletop tripod that's ideal for travel. Its MagMount system allows the tripod to be deployed in seconds. It can also easily be stored in its 1.5x.3.5x8.5-inch carrying case, and its compatible with digital and film SLR cameras, as well as spotting scopes. List Price: $80.

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