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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gadget Bag: Inkjet Paper For B&W Prints

To make the very best black-and-white prints, you need to have a clean, high-resolution image file, a good printer and the right paper

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Canson, a French firm that traces its origins back over 450 years, offers an extensive assortment of fine papers that suit the varied needs of artists everywhere. The Canson Infinity papers are manufactured by two of the world’s most legendary paper mills, Canson and Arches. Instead of adding brighteners to their papers, Canson relies on natural minerals and other pure materials to enhance the age resistance of their inkjet papers. Canson Infinity papers provide a wide color gamut, deep blacks and excellent tonal range. They offer compatibility with dye or pigment inks, instant drying, resistance to water and museum-level archival characteristics. New, and of special interest to photographers, is the Baryta Photographique, a true baryta (barium-hydroxide) paper developed for inkjet technology. Contact: www.cansoninfinity.com.

Say Hahnemühle, and you’re repeating a synonym for high-quality paper. They’re the undisputed master at the craft. They’ve been making paper in one form or another for more than 400 years—since 1584—and they still use the time-proven technique of combining pure spring water and first-class fiber pulp. Altogether they offer 150 different papers and work closely with their customers to develop paper ideally suited to meet their specific needs. Their inkjet paper products are available with glossy, matt and canvas surface textures. If your passion is paper, look closely at Hahnemühle. Contact: www.hahnemuehle.com.

Harman Technology was founded five years ago by a group of former Ilford Imaging UK managers. They acquired the Mobberley, Cheshire, England facilities that had been home to Ilford products for many years. They retained the Ilford Photo brand name for the range of monochrome film, paper and photo chemistry products. The name Harman comes from Alfred Hugh Harman, who founded the original Ilford company in 1879. In 2007, Harman announced the launch of inkjet media under the Harman Photo brand. These products feature a real photo baryta (barium-hydroxide) base giving true photographic weight and feel to the paper. Of special note, Harman’s anticurl technology helps the prints remain flat after printing. Contact: www.harman-inkjet.com.

Ilford is the name we’ve all known and loved for decades because of their superb black-and-white films, silver-halide papers and the legendary Cibachrome system. In other areas of the globe, they’re better known as a paper manufacturer. Their Premium Plus Best (gold) leads their lineup that includes Premium Photo Better (silver) and Photo Good (pink), aligned with the capture-and-share market. If you’re looking to produce archival-quality prints with clean whites and great absorbent qualities, look at the Premium Plus lineup of papers. Available in Pearl, Gloss and other surfaces, Ilford offers excellent resistance to fingerprints and smudges. Contact: www.ilford.com.

Inkpress Paper
The aim of Inkpress Paper is to provide the absolute best-quality products in the professional inkjet-media category. They work directly with some of the world’s best paper mills chosen for their strict quality-control standards and manufacturing expertise. Their Inkpress Pro Silky paper, for example, is available in all popular sizes (even 24-inch-wide rolls) and delivers consistently true color fidelity, excellent chromatic reproduction, huge tonal range and outstanding black-and-white reproduction. Inkpress Pro Gloss paper benefits from Pro SuperDry technology and provides consistent high gloss in printed as well as unprinted areas when used with pigmented or dye inks. These are papers you want to try. Contact: www.inkpresspaper.com.


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