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Friday, December 1, 2006

Gadget Bag: Stocking Stuffers

Discover how some affordable accessories can fill a holiday niche

Lowepro PixelPak V2


While holiday dreams of the latest D-SLRs rather than sugar plums dance around most photographers' heads, there's no shortage of more affordable fair to satisfy passionate shutterbugs. Though a large wrapped box with our name on it is always appealing, we decided to suggest a variety of stocking stuffers for yourself or the photographer in your life. While some of these items might not fit snugly in a stocking, each one fits a special niche that will help keep your favorite photographer happy and perhaps more eager to produce memorable photographs.

UPstrap SLR-Classic
Once you've tried this camera strap, you can't imagine using anything else. The UPstrap SLR-Classic's beaded, nonslip pad eliminates one of the most irritating aspects of carrying a camera over your shoulder: slipping off. In addition to supporting the weight of any digital SLR, the narrow strap can be wrapped easily around your hand when you don't want it hanging from your neck or shoulder. List Price: $32 | (877) 872-7639 | www.upstrap.com.

Hoodman Right-AngleViewfinder H-RAV
Creating a macro shot with the camera low to the ground may result in a remarkable picture, but it can also result in a spike in your dry-cleaning bill. The Hoodman Right-Angle Viewfinder H-RAV helps the close-up photographer get the shot without making the mess by providing a right-angle finder that can be attached to the viewfinder of a D-SLR. It features a built-in diopter, full 360-degree rotation and up to 2x magnification. List Price: $130 | (800) 818-3946 | www.hoodmanusa.com.

Keeping cameras and lenses clean in the field can be a challenge and a point of frustration. The Lenspen provides a compact, effective tool for removing dust and debris from your lenses. With a retractable dust brush on one end and a nonliquid cleaning element on the other, the Lenspen helps safely keep the front and rear elements of your lenses clean. List Price: $15 | (877) 608-0868 | www.lenspen.com.

Epson P-Series Multimedia Storage Viewers
Backing up your digital images, especially when you're far from a computer, is an important part of the outdoor photographer's workflow. Unfortunately, packing a laptop everywhere you go isn't convenient. The Epson P-3000 and P-5000 Multimedia Storage Viewers solve the problem by providing a portable drive that backs up all of your digital images. Available in capacities of 40 and 80 GB, respectively, the storage viewers feature a four-inch LCD screen, media card slots, and JPEG and RAW support. List Price: $499 (P-3000); $699 (P-5000) | (800) GO-EPSON | www.epson.com.

Tamrac MicroSync Digital Tamrac MicroSync Digital
To create certain wildlife and sports images, you can't be right behind the camera if you have any hope of capturing the photograph. The Tamrac MicroSync Digital is an ultra-compact wireless transmitter/receiver that allows you to trigger your camera or portable strobes up to a range of 100 feet. The small form factor of the equipment minimizes what you have to carry in the field, while providing the versatility you need for making those hard-to-get shots. List Price: $179 | (800) 662-0717 | www.tamrac.com.

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