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Friday, December 1, 2006

Gadget Bag: Stocking Stuffers

Discover how some affordable accessories can fill a holiday niche

VisibleDust Arctic Butterfly 724

The accumulation of dust on a D-SLR sensor can result in lengthy periods of retouching at the computer. If you prefer spending time shooting rather than "fixing" images, the VisibleDust Arctic Butterfly 724 offers the means for a light dusting of the sensor. A built-in motor powers the rotating head with a sensor-safe brush. Used regularly, you can minimize the buildup of particles on your sensor, leaving more time to enhance your image rather than cloning out problems. List Price: $90 | (780) 455-1082 | www.visibledust.com.

Maha PowerEx 2700 mAh AA BatteriesMaha PowerEx 2700 mAh AA Batteries
Few things are more aggravating than missing a shot because the batteries for your camera and flash have given up the ghost. A long life and reliable power source is a must. The Maha PowerEx 2700 mAh AA batteries provide 2700 milliamps of power to your portable strobes, digital cameras and any other electronics using AA-sized cells. The batteries can be recycled hundreds of times and don't suffer from the memory problems associated with previous generations of rechargeable batteries, such as NiCDs. List Price: $15 (four-pack) | (800) 376-9992 | www.mahaenergy.com.

Pantone Eye-One Display LT
With all the time and effort spent on composing our images, it's especially important that the color and tones be accurately reproduced on the computer monitor. The Pantone Eye-One Display LT provides an accurate and affordable way to ensure a CRT or LCD display is producing the best and most accurate colors possible. The easy-to-use software and measuring tool walk you through the process of optimizing the brightness and color values of your display, step-by-step. So whether your images are destined for the web or print, you can be certain your colors are true. List Price: $169 | (866) PANTONE | www.pantone.com

SanDisk Extreme III 12 GB & 16 GB CF Cards
The increasing resolution of D-SLRs and the use of RAW make the choice of media all the more important. The SanDisk Extreme III 12 GB and 16 GB CompactFlash cards are designed to accommodate the large files produced by today's 10-plus-megapixel D-SLRs. A minimum read/write speed of 20 MBps provides improved transfer speeds of files from camera to computer. List Price: $779 (12 GB); $1,049 (16 GB) | (866) SANDISK | www.sandisk.com.

Lowepro PixelPak V2
Protecting the memory cards that hold your recorded images is essential, especially when you're spending lots of time in the field. The Lowepro PixelPak V2 provides a secure place to store your media cards, with a case made of a hard, resilient combination of aluminum, rubber and plastic. Accommodating four media cards of different formats, the case helps ensure that your images remain safe and secure until you have the opportunity to back them up. List Price: $15 | (707) 575-4363 | www.lowepro.com


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