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Friday, December 1, 2006

Gadget Bag: Stocking Stuffers

Discover how some affordable accessories can fill a holiday niche

Cokin Z-Pro Series Filters

Although many enhancements can be made via computer, producing results in-camera can often be achieved easier and quicker. The Cokin Z-Pro Series filter system provides a host of enhancement filters compatible with both digital, film and video systems. The selection of 19 filters includes a variety of neutral-density, gradual neutral-density and color filters and can be slipped into a simple holder attached to the front of the lens. List Price: $42-$130 | (410) 374-3250 | www.cokinusa.com

Kingston USB 2.0 Hi-Speed 15-In-1 Reader
With so many digital products using a variety of media card formats, it's useful to have a single card reader for downloading all those files. Whether it's the CF card from the D-SLR or the SD card used in your compact digital camera, the Kingston USB 2.0 Hi-Speed 15-in-1 reader provides a great way for downloading your files to your computer. Supporting a diverse array of media formats, the card provides faster download times than when transferring files directly from the camera. List Price: $19 | (877) 546-4786 | www.kingston.com.

Adorama 22-Inch Soft Gold/White Reflector

Modifying and controlling light in the field doesn't have to include multiple strobes or power packs. The Adorama 22-inch soft gold/white reflector provides a photographer with convenient ways for reducing contrast when creating successful macro shots. Choose between a warm or neutral fill light by simply flipping the reflector over for even more control over the appearance of your fill light. List Price: $14 | (800) 223-2500 | www.adorama.com.

Lexar Professional 133x SD Card
Advanced compact digital cameras as well as compact D-SLRs are part of the outdoor photographer's arsenal. For these cameras and high-end D-SLRs, the media card you choose to record your images to is important. The Lexar Professional 133x SD card in capacities of 1 and 2 GB provides the ample storage and speed needed for maximum efficiency. Although physically smaller than CompactFlash, these cards are built to provide high-end performance while delivering a sustainable read/write speed of up to 150 KBps. This helps to reduce the transfer time of data from card to computer. List Price: $79 (1 GB); $149 (2 GB) | (800) 789-9418 | www.lexarmedia.com

Novoflex Ball 19 Mini Ballhead
Sometimes a photographer needs the flexibility of a ballhead without a lot of bulk and weight. The Novoflex Ball 19 head weighs less than four ounces and features rugged metal construction and a set of rubber rings around the head for a solid grip. With a 1/-20 mounting screw and a platform for mounting a camera, it's a versatile device when you're working in the field. List Price: $43 | (800) 735-4373 | www.hpmarketingcorp.com

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