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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gadget Bag: Strapped For Photos

Replace the strap that came with your camera for one that delivers all-day comfort and security

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Lowepro Transporter
The Lowepro Transporter will pass every test as an everyday, all-day-long, comfortable neck strap. The nonslip padding means your camera will stay in place, even when vigorously hiking. The detachable memory card wallet provides access to a spare card while in the field (it never hurts to pack a spare). The side-release buckles make it convenient to remove the strap for easier packing in a gadget bag and provide quick interchangeability with another camera body. Lowepro's double ladder-locks guarantee a secure connection to your camera.

OP/TECH USA offers one of the most complete assortments of straps and grips, ranging from the super-secure Grip Strap to the Double Sling and Dual Harness, with the Gotcha Wrist Strap in between. An all-time favorite, however, is the Pro Strap and Pro Loop Strap combo because they allow you to change your strap to match the lens you'll be using on a particular day. You can comfortably carry professional cameras with large lenses because the curved neoprene pad evenly distributes weight on your shoulder or neck. Everything stays in place thanks to the tacky nonslip grip. OP/TECH products are made in the USA, come in a variety of attractive colors and are quite affordable.

Sun Sniper
One glance at a Sun Sniper strap, and you know you're seeing something different. Watch it in action, and you know you're on to something terrific. While conventional straps that attach to the eyelets on either end of the camera limit camera motion to one axis, the Sun Sniper straps are based on a bandolier shoulder sling design and attach securely to the bottom. That means that instead of applying pressure to a limited area on the neck (or shoulder), the weight of the camera and lens is distributed diagonally along a padded shoulder strap. Based on 19th-century U.S. Cavalry design concepts (hence the name), the Sun Sniper system also allows you to get your gear into action faster, but out of the way when you're not shooting. Nice touch: Both the Sun Sniper Pro and Sniper Compact straps feature an embedded steel anti-theft wire inside the strap that no thief can cut.

Tenba Skooba Superbungee
Try saying this 10 times fast: Tenba Skooba Superbungee. Featuring Tenba's "sport-tuned suspension system," the Superbungee strap absorbs the weight of the camera and prevents you from feeling the exaggerated effect of gravity when jogging or briskly walking. The nonslip neck pad consists of individual air-filled cells that add significant additional shock absorption and comfort.

The folks at UPstrap® have gone to great lengths to perfect a camera strap that won't slip off your shoulder. They offer three pad sizes and an abrasion-resistant kevlar web and vectran loop attachment system. A heavy-duty, quick-release system offers peace of mind when carrying heavy and expensive equipment. UPstrapĀ® products are made in the USA from high-quality components.

Who Says Your Strap Needs To Go Around The Neck?

The Zing Designs Action Strap wraps around the back of the right hand, holding it snugly against the camera body, in a similar manner as the strap found on most camcorders. Because it attaches to the tripod socket, it can be used in conjunction with a conventional neck strap. Nice touch: It features a belt clip so you can temporarily hang your camera between shots.

It's A Vest? It's A Holster? It's Both!

Cotton Carrier is clearly in a class by itself. It's a complete carry solution, as well as a completely new approach to the age-old problem of carrying a lot of camera equipment on one single human body. The Cotton Carrier 100 CCS Camera System is engineered to accommodate one or two regular DSLR cameras and comes with a unique one-size-fits-all adjustable vest. It features a side holster that's made of the same space-age material as the vest. In total, the system handles cameras comfortably without the aches and pains associated with traditional, old-fashioned neck straps. You can carry virtually any size of camera and lens combination with confidence thanks to the camera-locking system and always be ready for action. If you tend to tote a ton of gear and are looking for a comfortable system, check this one out.


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