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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gadget Bag: That’s A Wrap

When you want to shoot without the full bag on your back, you can keep a few lenses and accessories protected with a small pouch or wrap

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LensCoat LensPou
Light meters, GPS units and other brittle devices need protection, too, and that’s where the LensCoat LensPouch plays an important role. Available in seven sizes and four colors, including two camouflage variations, these soft, neoprene bags can optionally be worn on a belt and will flatten for easy storage when empty. They feature a removable, reinforced front-element protection disk, drawstring closure and reasonable protection against impact. They’re great for lenses, too. Prices range from $15 to $22, depending on size.

Op/Tech Soft Pouch
Built better from the inside out, Soft Wraps feature a secondary layer of security—a five-inch square pad within the wrap that can be moved around to provide additional protection where needed. Available in a choice of several colors, a Soft Wrap is the perfect partner for the Op/Tech Soft Pouch. Made of supple, durable neoprene, Soft Pouches are impact and weather-resistant. They feature a unique clip that attaches to a belt, backpack or any available loop.

gadget bag
Skooba Design RoadWired R.A.P.S.
gadget bag
Lowepro Lens Case

Tamrac Pro Lens Case
Attractively styled in black, royal blue, steel gray and forest green, Op/Tech Pouches and Wraps are made in the USA and are available everywhere.

RoadWired has taken the concept of protective fabric lens wraps to a higher level with its Skooba Design RoadWired R.A.P.S. Available in three sizes and four attractive colors (yellow, red, black and gray), these thick, multilayered wraps employ a patented Corrosion Intercept lining that provides a moisture barrier and protects against external elements. Priced from $13 to $18, they use hook-and-loop fasteners at all four corners so they can be folded and rolled into any configuration.

Available in 10-, 16- and 22-inch squares, Tenba Messenger Wraps provide pliable, portable padding that protects your gear and looks good, too. The four colors make it easy to organize and identify items by color code—a handy feature, whether you’re out on assignment or just hiking the neighborhood. The Messenger Wraps are machine-washable and can withstand years of heavy use.

Don’t forget that Canon, Hasselblad, Nikon, Olympus, Sony and other lens manufacturers offer lens pouches, too. They’re not necessarily better than their aftermarket cousins, but they’re more likely to offer a perfect fit for every lens in your collection.



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