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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Gadget Bag: The Perfect Cover

Keeping the winter elements of rain, sleet and snow off your camera is easy, as long as you have the right piece of protective gear

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Bag maker Tenba’s one-piece no-seam Rain Covers come in five sizes: the RC9 fits an SLR with a 28mm lens and hood; the RC14, an SLR with a 80-200mm zoom and hood; the RC18, an SLR with a 300mm lens and hood; the RC24, an SLR with a 400mm lens and hood; and the RC26, an SLR with a 600mm lens and hood. The covers attach to the lens hood via supplied Velcro® strips and wrap around the camera for good protection handheld or on a tripod. A Velcro® flap in back provides access to film and memory cards, while a clear panel allows access to the viewfinder. The thin, waterproof, nylon material allows you to operate the camera controls from the outside. The Rain Cover fits in a pocket for easy transport. Estimated Street Price: $56 (RC9, RC14, RC18); $78 (RC24); $100 (RC26).

Gadget Bag

The Popabrella from OmegaSatter is, as its name implies, a simple umbrella that attaches to the camera via its tripod socket and provides protection from rain and sun. A unique, patented, 360-degree ball-and-socket side-mounting system offers great adjustability. The Popabrella fits all compact still and video cameras. For D-SLRs and larger video cameras, there's the PRObrella with similar features but larger size. Estimated Street Price: $24 (Popabrella); $34 (PRObrella).

Gadget Bag

Lightware's RC100 Rain Cover is a 39.5x24.5-inch waterproof nylon rectangle that loops around the camera lens (up to 600mm) and can keep your head dry along with your camera and lens. A hassle-free tie-down system makes it easy to adjust the cover to your camera and lens. Estimated Street Price: $53.

Gadget BagFotoSharp Rain Co

FotoSharp offers simple-to-use Camera Rain Covers in a wide range of sizes to fit SLRs with lenses from short to 600mm. Available in translucent white (which lets you see the camera controls) and U.S. Army camouflage (handy when hiding from wildlife), the covers are made of ripstop Silnylon (nylon impregnated with silicon, making it 100-percent waterproof, impermeable to airflow, strong, durable and lightweight). They also feature Velcro® openings with pull tabs and can attach or detach in seconds. TTL flash works through the white translucent covers. Some units come with tripod openings; others are meant for handheld use. Estimated Street Price: From $19 to $45.

Gadget BagVortex Media Storm Jacket

Storm Jackets from Vortex Media come in sizes to fit video and SLR cameras. SLR models come in three sizes—9-inch, 7- to 15-inch and 12- to 23-inch, the latter handling super-telephoto lenses. The 100-percent waterproof AquaNylon units are quick and simple to attach and remove, and weigh just four ounces. While designed for use with handheld cameras, they can be used with tripod-mounted cameras as well, and can be completely sealed quickly—handy when a sudden torrent starts from that sky that has been threatening all day. Estimated Street Price: From $36 to $40.


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Ewa-Marine (RTS Inc.)
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Kata (Bogen Imaging)
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Lightware Inc.
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Popabrella, PRObrella (OmegaSatter)
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Shutter Hat (FM Photography)
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Tenba Gear
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