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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gadget Bag: Ultimate Landscape Accessories

Indispensable gear for a modern-day Ansel Adams to have in the field

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Subaru Outback
As your primary "viewfinder," a rugged and dependable vehicle is number one on the list. Adams knew the value of cargo space, and while you may not be spending weeks at a time on the road, having the space to carry your camera gear, camping equipment and the myriad other necessities that a modern landscape photographer requires is just as important today. You won't have to worry about having the space for spare axles, which should free up the space to carry a bigger tripod for some unique perspectives. The Subaru Outback we're showing here is a popular choice for the modern photographer. It's reliable, and has all-wheel drive and ample space for your stuff.

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