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Friday, October 1, 2004

Gadget Bag: What A View!

Viewing accessories such as LCD hoods and magnifiers can vastly improve your photographic experience

The same 3-in-1 combo (List Price: $39.95) also is available for the Kodak DCS Pro 14n, as well as other SLR models. For the Fujifilm S2, which has a play button close to the LCD screen, Hoodman makes a modified cap so you can attach the 3-in-1 SLR Pro Shooter Kit. List Price: $29.95.

The DigiFinder LCD Monitor Viewer is for digital cameras with 1.5- to 2-inch monitors. Transforming the monitor into a viewfinder, it allows you to clearly view the screen in bright light and at a focal distance that enlarges the picture without distorting it. Another benefit is being able to view the image from a comfortable distance using both eyes with the built-in magnifying condenser lens. List Price: $39.95.

The V4FL Visor from Photodon is collapsible and can be comfortably stored in your pocket to be used when needed. It magnifies and shades LCD screens that are 1.5 to 1.8 inches. A 50mm 3x lens improves visibility, but also can be removed so you can use the visor on its own. It's attached via an elastic strap. List Price: $21.95.

Canon's Angle Finder C allows you to adjust your viewing angle, making it easier to shoot macro photography. It provides a 2.5x magnification with a full-screen image that shows exposure data. An adapter is included to fit any EOS camera. List Price: $270.

For low-level viewing, Nikon makes two right-angle finders, the DR-5 and DR-6, that provide 100-percent viewfinder coverage from a convenient 90-degree angle. The DR-5 is a screw-in viewing attachment and is compatible with Nikon's D2h, D1x and F5, as well as any SLR with a circular screw thread-type finder. The DR-6 slips onto any SLR with a rectangular configuration, including the D100 and D70. List Price: $279 (DR-5 or DR-6).

For use with the Pentax *ist D, ZX, PZ, LX, M and Program series, Pentax offers the Right-Angle Finder A. It features a 360-degree rotating angle viewfinder and an adjustable diopter. For close-to-the-ground macro shots, the finder has a built-in 2x magnification. List Price: $560.

(800) OK-CANON
DigiFinder (OmegaSatter)
(410) 374-3250
Digital Pursuits (BKA)
(800) 250-8394
(800) 818-3946
(800) NIKON-UX
(800) 877-0155
(775) 278-6741
Screen-Shade (LEE Filters)
(800) 576-5055



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