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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Gadget Bag: Window Mounts

Discounted as being for lazy photographers, a car window mount is an excellent tool for a variety of subjects from wildlife to scenics

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Manfrotto 243 with 234RC tilt head

The Manfrotto 243 Car Window Mount Pod with 234RC Tilt Monopod Head will work with systems weighing up to 5.5 pounds. The head tilts 90° in either direction on its single axis. It uses a standard, reversible 1⁄4"-20 mounting thread. Estimated Street Price: $77. www.manfrotto.us

The Giottos Car Window Mount features all-metal construction, and it has a built-in head with pan and tilt control. The rubber pad protects your window, and you can use the mount with lighter-weight camera and lens systems. Estimated Street Price: $54. www.giottosusa.com

The Vanguard PH-304 Window Camera Mount has a QS-36 quick-release plate and a three-way pan and tilt head. It supports camera systems weighing up to 8.8 pounds, and the clamp mechanism makes it usable on windows, as well as other possible braces like fences. Estimated Street Price: $44. www.vanguardworld.com

Novoflex Uniklem-42 Compact Clamp
The Novoflex Uniklem-42 Compact Clamp allows you to attach it to a car window, as well as other braces. It has a standard 1⁄4"-20 mounting screw so you can attach your camera directly to it, if you wish; however, it's best to use a head in conjunction with the clamp. The clamp is designed to have two support surfaces, depending on what you're clamping it to. Both orientations allow you to utilize the 1⁄4"-20 screw. Estimated Street Price: $67. www.hpmarketingcorp.com

Berlebach Car Window Mount
The unique wooden construction of the Berlebach Car Window Mount makes it stand out. It clamps to a car window and provides a solid, stable platform for your camera. It comes with a 1⁄4"-20 mounting screw so you can attach a camera directly, but we suggest using a head of some sort on the mount for best results. The mount can support up to 22 pounds. Estimated Street Price: $85. www.hpmarketingcorp.com

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