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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Apps You’ll Love For Nature Photography

Oh, the images you’ll make with these little software gems!

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This Article Features Photo Zoom

Crop’n’Frame ($1.99) is like a tiny framer living in your iPhone. Select an image from your photo library from within the app and crop to your taste. Then, just like in a frame shop, you create your own mat, frame and accents with a myriad of styles and color combinations. E-mail or save your completed framed piece from within the app.

Another great reason to use this app is to pick out mats and frames for a real photo (read, not taken on the iPhone, but with your big boy camera) before visiting the frame store. You can put any of your favorite photos on your iPhone and play with Crop’n’Frame until you get exactly what you want. Then just show the finished image to your framer.

Double Exposure
DXP, or Double Exposure ($1.99), gets the most use of the 98 photo apps on Lynette’s iPhone. It more properly ought to be called Multiple Exposure, since you can pile nearly unlimited numbers of images atop one another. (Of course, just as in the old days of multiple exposures with film, you need to compensate with exposure by lightening up images so dark areas don’t block up.)

Choose two shots from your library, bring them into the app, and they’ll show up as a double exposure. But wait, there’s more! The best feature of this app (drumroll, please) is blend modes—halfmix, multiply, screen, overlay, softlight, hardlight and difference. Each provides another double-exposure effect.

You also can rotate, flip and add cool masking effects using the turning arrow icon. What doesn’t it do? Well, it doesn’t make coffee, and it doesn’t let you change the opacity of either image in your double exposure. For that, you’ll need PhotoCanvas ($2.99), which works much like DXP, but also lets you control the opacity of the two layers being blended.

The new iPhone 3GS comes complete with video. That’s worthy of a whole separate article, but there’s one app for video that must be mentioned. That’s VideoPix ($1.99), which allows you to take screen grabs off your video clips. One of the major drawbacks of the iPhone camera is that it takes a long time to focus and shoot. The video capture on the iPhone is up to 30 frames per second. Take a video clip of an action, bring it into VideoPix and choose the exact frame you want for your still image. It opens up a whole new world of iPhone images.


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